Simple Woman’s Daybook


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For Today…
Outside my windowNo snow!  I wish there was some, just cold and sunny.
I am thankful for we have an in-service today, so I am at school getting work done. It’s nice to have time to get caught up with all the paperwork
From the kitchen scrumptious chocolate chips cookies – Click here for this amazing recipe!
I am wearing jeans, comfy sweater, smart wool socks to keep my feet warm.
I am reading still reading the Tony Dungy book, “A Simple Life”
I am hoping to get 3 work outs in this week, and hoping for snow to go sledding with the kids
I am creating a new dish this week…..I don’t know WHY I bought Hamburger Helper this week, I have never tried it and always thought it seemed kind of gross.  I don’t usually like a meal out of a box.  But I bought one this week to try for dinner?? 🙂  UPDATE – We tried it tonight, I thought it was ok, the gross cheese stuff ( it’s not really cheese it’s powder and milk) was disgusting so I did use real cheese.  I made a taco rice Hamburger Helper, and hubby remarked at the end of dinner he thought it was delicious.  He had no idea it was HH.  So he liked it, I thought it was ok, and the kids said “not bad.” It just seemed so artificial to me, but I may make it again????
I am hearing Fox News in the background
Around the house lots of laundry
One of my favorite things I took the kids ice skating on a local lake Sat. NIGHT!  It was a beautiful starry night, it was cold, but we had a GREAT time together!
A few plans for the rest of the weekhopefully some snow, basketball games, Girls Alive on Wed. night and a faculty meeting after school
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.
We took my special needs students to the high school gym last Friday, we had a blast playing all kind of sports



  1. I will gladly send you some of our snow. Great picture of your students. How sweet they are.
    Stuntman wants to now spell someone elses name…try and figure it out. LOL Here goes.

    ddadty all done…great job, huh?

  2. Enjoyed the daybook and most especially the pic of your students!
    Mine will be up soon……worked a little extra this a.m. so am late getting home.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. SAmmie……..when I used to use Hamburger H. I used the Cheeseburger one. I don’t even know if they still make it. But, I am happy to see you using “short-cuts” in your busy life. You just NEED to do some things “the easy way.” Lovely looking cookies, BTW.!

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