Creation Fest 07!

I had a wonderful time at the Creation Northeast Festival!

However, it was a bit crazy since my son won his first baseball playoff game in extra innnings on Tues. night before Creation, he had to return Thurs. night for his next playoff game. So hubby and I met halfway on the PA. turnpike, switched kids, and then did the same thing again on Friday. However, I am glad each of them got to enjoy the “Creation Fest” experience. They both loved it in their own ways, and for me it was precious time alone with each of my kids.


My son in front of the Fringe Stage

I can assure, it was a time of making many special memories, including…..


  • Camping together in the tent, Wed. night after a brutal storm cleared, the moon peeked through the clouds and lit up our tent
  • Enduring a night of rain with dear daughter
  • Swimming in a nearby creek on the hottest day on the planet with with dear son. We walked through a huge amount of poison ivy to get to the creek. Yes we are both itchy now….but the relief of that creek on a stifling hot day was worth it!
  • Enduring visits to “big blue,” our name of endearment for the outhouses!
  • My son and I devising our own shade shelter with a few sticks, an old tarp, the car, and duct tape!


It was so stinking hot on Wed., instead of carrying the ice back to our tent, I wore the ice as a hat!!


  • Eating a gigantic, delicious monkey bread with dear daughter while getting sprayed with mud as a bus rolled by.
  • Lifting dear daughter up on my back during Third Day and having her check out their dynamic stage show, and hear her proclaim, “wow, this is so cool!”
  • Hearing the same response from her during worship with David Crowder as she looked around at the 70,000+ people all standing to worship the Lord.
  • Dancing around and just acting very silly with my son during Toby Mac’s show. I actually really liked Toby Mac, what a show he puts on!
  • Listening to bands that are not usually my preference with my son, and realizing I knew the lyrics since I have heard them played so many times in our house. It made for a fun time with my son. It was neat that at the age of 12 he was perfectly content to hang out with his mom the entire time.


    • I got to camp with a friend of mine, who I used to go to Creation with 20 years ago. We went together several times in our late teens and early twenties, now we are both bringing our kids to savor the Creation experience. God is faithful!


Dear daughter on my back during David Crowder, this way she could get a better view…..notice I am wearing a hat,everyday is a bad hair day at Creation!

Here is a list of the bands I saw and my impression of each. They are in the order I saw them

Skillet – nothing great, our first concert of Creation

Bethany Dillon– She is such a sweetheart with her cool southern accent and her heart of gold. I wish I could have brought her home with me!

Switchfoot– I loved this concert! They are so provoctive, and really inspire you to think. I really liked when they had everyone singing over and over again, “We were meant to live for so much more, We were meant to live for so much more…”

Family Force Five – We saw them on the Fringe stage, they have a bizarre, high energy show! Heck they have a drummer with the nickname, “Crouton.”

KJ-52 – This guy has a great sense of humor that he incorporates into his show. Although I am not a rap fan, I liked his show!

David Crowder Band – This guy is so eccentric, and has lots of fun on stage. Yet he sets the tone for worship, and has a way of drawing you into worship. I loved his version of Amazing Grace and Come Thou Font.

Third Day– I always love seeing Third Day live and have seen them several times before. So this night I had to leave early ( which was 11:15pm), dear daughter was with me and we were both so tired.

Thousand Foot Krutch– I didn’t know much about this band, besides the fact that they rock out! But they certainly have a bold heart for God and have a nice enough mix of mellow stuff that it kept me interested.

Leeland – The lead singer for this band has an incredible voice, at first I wasn’t really into this band, and even dozed off for a few minutes, but as the concert went on I was drawn into it, and ended up enjoying them immensely.

Toby Mac– This was probably my other favorite concert at the Creation Festival, Toby Mac has so much energy….and he is my age! He and his band put on a heck of a show, with break dancking on stage, back flips, and synchronized energy! I loved his song, “Love is in the House”, and of course he did the classic Jesus Freak from his DC Talk days and everyone went crazy, including my old 43 year old body along with my 12 year old son!

Casting Crowns – Wow their show is powerful, I think that is because their songs say so much. We did have to leave early and didn’t see the entire show. I left around 11:00 since I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me that night.

~ Thank you to everyone who makes Creation Festival a success, I know our family appreciated your efforts! ~



  1. So wonderful to hear that you had fun. Your kids are great “creation age.”

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there, but Not-So-Classic and I are considering bringing the kids next year. Well, at least one. We’ll have to see how camp-friendly Bubba will be at one and a half. 🙂 Maybe Mom will watch him while we bring Scarlett. 🙂

  2. Yay, you are back! Sounds like you had a blast! I wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing your experience. (OH, and so sorry about your migraine, but SO glad you didn’t get it until you got home!)

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