So how does Laminin hold you together through tough times?…….

High School Science class question…………..Anyone know what laminin is?

This past February, in those dark ages before I was a blogger, I attended a Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/Louie Giglio concert. The concert was a great experience and the speaker for the night was Louie Giglio, the founder of the popular college Passion Conferences. One of the things he spoke on that night was laminin, now before you go running for your Greek lexicon for your bible, stop, because laminin is not in the bible. It’s a protein in your body!
Every living creature has laminin inside of them…the purpose of laminin is that it basically keeps our bodies from falling apart. It holds us as one united whole. It’s like the glue that holds our cells together. So for those of you who are still with me on this one…………..laminin is a critical part of our body make up.

Now here is what is so amazing that Louie Giglio explained so well to us that night, laminin the very structure that hold us together looks like this…………


The cellular structure that holds our body together is the shape of the cross! Does God have a sense of humor or what! Amazing isn’t it? 🙂 This is a glorious reminder to me that when the rough times comes, and the storm of life takes hold of me, what is holding my physical body together is a cellular protein in the shape of a cross!!! We truly are wonderfully made.

To actually here Louie Giglio speak on this is riveting. Check out the You Tube video of Louie Giglio speaking on laminin, they don’t have the whole thing, but you can get the idea from it.

Louie Giglio – Laminin


    1. No, schools don’t teach this because in reality, there is also the female half (called the Goddess) that also exists. It’s quite unnatural to be birthed or created in the likeness of only a male deity…isn’t it?! You can’t have one witout the other ie; daytime/nightime, positive poles/negative poles, ying/yang…so come on and wake up and take the brainwashing blinders off!!!!

      1. Uhh Deborah, sweetie
        there’s where you’re wrong.
        The Bible declares in Colossians 1:17
        “He [Christ] is before ALL things, and in Him ALL things are made whole”
        Now not anywhere do you see that there is/was another person there.
        Not ying yang or “goddess”, or anything or anyone but Jesus Christ!

        It’s not unnatural, it’s supernatural.
        So, no offense or anything, but your the one that needs to wake up !
        If you need more scriptures for Laminin, try Psalms 33, & 2 Peter 1:20
        God bless you & I’ll be praying for you to wake up & to relize that Jesus is THE ONLY way, not no “goddess”, not the ying yang symbol or ANYTHING/ANYONE else but Jesus Christ !
        Be blessed.

  1. Wow! That is so cool. I’ve always thought God played all kinds of games with us…hoping we’d figure Him out. I know He has a sense of humor, look at the way a giraffe eats or frog hops or a baby giggles. But to know that God plays these ironic twists just makes me feel closer to my Creator is so awesome. Thanks for the lesson.

  2. One of the reasons I love science so much is that it ALWAYS points back to God.

    I wasn’t aware of the molecular structure of laminin, but I will be sure to remember it and pass it on to my general science and biology students.

    FYI: Chris Tomlin is awesome in concert. He was at my church a few years ago; I was struck by his humility.

  3. Very cool… I am going to make sure to go over this with my boys. I have a new blog site, now. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while – we had a busy summer. Be back soon!!


  5. ……!!!

    WWOOOWW. . . . . . . . !!
    its so amazing GOD really love us and give a sign that whatever we are we are in his hands …!!! ….. i am really thankful that GOD our savior is always with us ,,,!!


    1. Oh really, so I hope you don’t think that “your God” is everybody else’s saviour….I am my own saviour and refuse to acknowledge your comment without proof that something that is man-made really is exists…come on now!!!

  6. Is amazing !!! I did not have idea about this , but that things I so sure God is Wonderful in our lifes who believe in the promises.

  7. Are Christians dumbing down?

    Are you so controlled by this way of thinking that you can’t think critically?

    God gave you a mind that can be used to weed out information that is FRIVOLOUS and to concentrate on the information that is SIGNIFICANT.

    While it may be neat that this protein molecule, when diagrammed, is in the shape of a cross, that’s really all it is: neat. What it is not is some kind of innate proof of the existence of a god, The God of the Bible or Jesus.

    If a researcher found a molecule in the shape of a Sleigh, would it be proof of the existence of Santa Claus? Would they go head-over-heels about it? No. It would go something like this:

    “Wow, that kind of looks like a sleigh.”

    and then they would move onto something of importance.

    Please remember that critical thinking is what strengthens ideas.

    1. I agree about the shape of the cross thing, but you have to admit….God put that thing there for a reason, and it ISNT in the shape of a sleigh, if it were, people would go crazyover it too. Arent you a christian,if you were you would see how fantastic it is that a PROTEIN molecule that holds YOUR entire body together, is in the SHAPE OF A CROSS!

    2. Joshua,
      This is the whole point of Faith…are you saying we should trust MAN ? I would def. take a higher creator or a simple flawed MAN’S WORD… only goes so far, then there are road blocks….PROOF is not always seen by the visible eye……………….GOD HEALED ME …of a huge affliction that MANS ideas (half sleeve tattoo removed….by dermabrasion…I was infected beyond MANS REPAIR OR HELP….this is when I opened my heart up and finnally opened the door,… THE REASON I AM ON LAMININ SITES IS TO SPEAK MY TESTIMONY…through deep prayer and strength FROM GOD ….he un-DEFORMED MY ARM….overnight…let me say….and healed the infection,,,,WHILE LAYING OUT A MILLION OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL LAMININ CROSSES ON MY ARM AND HEALED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ******GOD BLESS EVERYONE*******

  9. Wow! God sits in Heaven with such a nuanced sense of irony. How else to explain the the use of the cross symbol, a symbol held by the Norse god Thor to symbolize his hammer? Or its use by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians? Or, the use of a cross by the Romans to crucify many thousands of humans? Such a sense of humor!
    That God would–in his omniscience, and beginning a couple of centuries after the beginning of Christendom (it helps that Constantine once had a cloud vision of a cross before battle, even though he was not much of a Christian)–make people use the cross as a symbol for the religion is sheer genius! Because it already had been used in human civilization and it is a recurring phenomenon in nature. Look for it; you’ll see it. What a perfect image for a slide show presentation. It reminds me of how ancient is pre-Christian civilization.

    1. You’re making sense in your first paragraph, so now isn’t obvious that X-tianity stole everything that predates it by centuries but turns it into something sly and crafty. What a way to convert the hoards by using subliminal tactics!!

  10. True, we cannot say that just because it looks like a cross it means that God exists. Critical thinking is important. I am a Christian and don’t think that I would believe in God’ existence just because of the speaker’s observation. He is not trying to prove God’s existence by showing the shape of the structure. He is saying that it is “pretty darn cool.” He is offering “hope” to those who are willing to take a risk to believe that their life is more than random.

    Like a professional counselor that a person is willing to pay in order to receive words of hope and healing when depressed, God’s Spirit is able to offer words of healing and hope in times of trouble. God’s Spirit, in the Bible, is called THE COUNSELOR.

    When a person has accepted God’s Spirit to be inside of him/her, it gives God the permission to search his/her soul and mind. God then can use inspirational findings such as the one on “Laminin” in a meaningful and revelant way to “speak” to him/her. This is what I just experienced.

    This clip was sent to me earlier and I didn’t open it. Just now, however, when I was on the internet searching for a job and wondering where I went wrong and questioning what it was that has made my life seem like it is “falling apart.” I cried out from my insides, “How did I get here? Where did you go, God? Why does it seem like I am way off track, here? I feel like my life is so fractured. . .etc.” Then, like I mentioned, I checked my email to open this clip that someone had sent to me, not knowing what it was. The clip was a powerful reminder of hope. The timing was perfect: A message to me that God heard me at that very moment when I was screaming from my inmost being. It was Him reminding me that He would never leave me. He would be holding me together during this time.

    If you have ever experienced depression or have lost hope in any way, you would know that a timely word of encouragement is not “frivilous” or insignificant. You can research it for yourself–the many people who have made tremendous positive changes in this world because someone offered hope to them and/or “believed” in them at that certain moment of time.

    He is an intimate God. He is real. He has used this clip to encourage me tonight.

    Ask God to prove it to YOU! If He is who He says He is, then can handle your questions.

  11. eerie, Kristen..I was looking for a job and came across the clip too.. just when I thought I was too small, too helpless and life was spinnin out of control…
    ThankGod, the ways in which He speaks are so marvelous.!!

  12. I love your blog name! I’m glad you saw the Louie Giglio video on laminin – it moved me to tears. I am sad to see it is no longer available on YouTube! If you have any idea where I can find it, please let me know. Thank you and blessings, Katie

  13. It is so amazing that God loves us so much!

    He can control absolutly ANYTHING!! Even our cell structure!

    It’s so great how He lets people starve to death in Africa! And He allows hurricanes destroy our nations cities! It really dawned on me that God is real when I read about the earthquake that killed thousands of people in China recently. And let’s not forget the millions of innocent people who have their lives destroyed time and time again by cancer, AIDS, murder, and rape. It is so AWESOME how he is so huge, and great, and all powerful that He has the power to stop all these terrible things from happening but He just DOESN’T! But at least he can change our cell structure!!

    I love that He tests our faith like that.

  14. So it happens to be in the same shape as something out of jew mythology and fairie tales. OMG GOD MUST BE REAL THEN! Idiots.

    1. So call us idiots…But with the same mouth with which you make those remarks,you are still held together by laminin.If you are so smart,you will go and read 1 Corinthians 1:18.Do yourself a favour.You know whats the great thing about your comment/remark calling us idiots is this…
      Someday…and this is true.God WILL use you to preach HIS name and HIs word and power to all the world.Further more He will give you more revelation about laminin.You see,there was a certain man with a clever mouth like yours named Saul(later Paul).The story ends like this…he ends up writing more than half of the New Testament and travelled everywhere,preaching this Jesus whom He once blasphemed and persecuted.
      So whatever you say,you are my brother already and I love you and I can’t wait for you gain your sight so get on the way to following.
      And to all my brothers and sisters out there…Keep it Loud

  15. I want to make sure everyone realizes I never said the fact that laminin is in the shape of a cross proves there is a God. Nothing can truly prove there a God, except your personal faith in Him.
    Sure lots of bad things happen, but does that PROVE there is no God because bad things happen????

  16. 1 Corinthians 1:18
    “For the story and message of the cross is sheer absurdity and folly to those who are perishing and on their way to perdition, but to us who are being saved it is the [manifestation of] the power of God.

  17. I think the cross is very significant. It must be that it is because of this cross that we are put right with God. God did not create us humans for nothing. But in His own image and likeness for the shape of the lamina says it all. Thank you very much Giglio for this inspiring revelation.

  18. it is amazing to knoe that God loved us so much that He prepared before we were a way to redeeme us, I am trully blessed in him

  19. I just looked up “Laminin” WOW!!! That was great! God is Great!! I’m looking forward to reading some of your books. Can’t wait! God Bless!

  20. When I saw the teaching about the laminin and the thinga God maid, I just realised that I serve a FEARFULLY WONDERFUL GOD, who loves me deeply, and WHO WANTS to be my friend! I an just so so thankfull!

  21. so many people have said that just because that laminin is in the shape of the cross it doesnt prove that God is real.I believe that to that it doesnt prove anything but if there wasnt a god then how would we all be here? There is a God and no one can make me change my belief! How would anything be here without God??? Its not like what scientists say that a star blew up and here we are!! Come on people!!!! How would we have water from a very very very hot ball of fire!!!
    God is real!!!!!!!!

    1. That is called biochemistry. It is possible, reactions just have to happen. I believe in God, but I also think science is a better answer to some things, as others, as well as I have said before.

  22. No, it proves nothing. I means nothing. It’s just a coincidence. Christians only see what they want to see. Is it simply not possible for you to step back from your faith and ask questions? There’s just no arguing with this level of irrationality.

    GOD IS NOT REAL. The sooner rational thinking does away with all the imaginary gods (in other words, all gods), the better off the world will be.

    1. Why is there always an attack on the character of God and never on Allah,or Buddah or Krishna,or any other religion?You see,cause many other religions allow you to comprimise.But God wants us to be pure and holy and set free.

      But mankind wants to hold on to sin.It feels good for us sometimes.So if we can shut(attempt) to shut up God and those who follow Christ then to some the world would be a better place.

      You have a choice to believe what you want,but His Word endures throughout all eternity,He remains the ”Way,the Truth and The Life”,and His love endures toward you.You clearly have been hurt growing up or your father left your family.You are angry toward the Lord about something.But God loves you.He died for all the world,that includes you Mr.God is Imaginary.

      IF God is imaginary,why are you trying to convince anybody?
      For since the world began,the Christian faith has been under attack,many powers trying to eliminate and silence and oppress God’s name,His work and His people.But ”EVERYTIME”He delivers His people.He IS sovereign and He holds things together.

      How Great is Our God?

    2. How Sad. Surely you must believe in something/someone.
      There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  23. What I find funny in all of the blog reading I do is that the only real answer non-believers have in rebuttal to faith is that believers are somehow stupid, brainwashed, irrational, emotionally weak, or crazy. I would like to say that I wonder what drives this kind of aggravation, but I do know, and in explaining it I would be called a hater or painted as intolerant by these same individuals. If “Christians only see what they want to see,” then I must not be a Christian because I see a great deal of hate, anger, injustice, and perversion of reality in this world that makes my heart and soul sick and I certainly do not wish to see this. And, I ask questions all the time in regards to the great mysteries of this world, so once again I must not be a Christian.
    I have not found a rational path of thought that has soundly, a true logcial argument without fallacy, disproved the existence of GOD. I understand the odds against life-less matter intermixing and spawning life and reason. I find it interesting that highly intelligent people study Greek culture and are in awe of the intellect they possessed and in the same breath will cut down people who believe in God (The Greeks had many gods, and they certainly believed in something greater than themselves). Of course, modern man has televisions, cars, air conditioning, and the internet, and these things show that the present era is obviously the most wise culture to exist.

    And, I find it most interesting that this nation is trying to wipe away the fact the the Founding Fathers were deeply faithful men.

  24. Oh, and if you didn’t get my sarcasm from above, I have given my life to Jesus and in doing so have found an amazing new life that I never imagined. I once scoffed at born-agains, I enjoyed living in the grey territory. I have many friends that are still stuck there.
    Stuff like L.G.’s Laminin sermon are designed to make you ask questions. They aren’t supposed to brainwash. I am appalled by Christians who absorb stuff like this but have not the ability to defend why they believe. It is an important part of growth in Christ to ask questions. His Disciples asked questions all the time. I don’t believe I will run into a believer that will give his/her testimony saying that they believe because L.G. showed them a couple of pictures so it must be true.
    I had myself convinced that Jesus was just a moral teacher at one point. Little did I know what he had in store for me. I look forward to any logical discussion in regards to the Creator of the Universe. I just wish logical discussion was taking place instead of the militant aggression that has risen against faith and hope.

    1. Tim,you are loud…I respect you and I will die for the sake of His name.And you certainly sound like you’d do the same.

      Eveyone has said,as you rightfully mentioned,how the feature and presentation impacted them but nobody stands up against the jargon sent through the airwaves.

      There is a saying:”Evil prevails because good people do nothing”.So do something…Fight the good fight of faith cause you don’t have the spirit of fear,but of Power…


  25. Just as an artist leaves his signature on his artistic creation, Jesus left His Signature on His creation. You and I are His creation. Isn’t that neat? He always wants us to remember who loved us enough to give us life. Your decision to reject Him will not change the fact that He is your creator. He not only created us, He also died for us. Don’t be so quick to reject Him. He didn’t reject you. When He was on the cross in your place, you were on His Mind.

  26. why is it that people don’t believe in god they say well look at the mess of the world it is the people in the world that cause it to be sinister not god god tried to proove his love through his only begotten son and what did the world do they crucified him cause they didn’t believe i wouldn’t be in no hurry to proove exsistence of myself if i was god because of what we did do his son so he will heal us forever with eternal life when we meet him on the other side where there is only love not hate remember there is a better reward for believin through faith than in what you see

  27. i am a research scientist who has spent a lifetime of 45 y studying animal cells and cellular biochemistry. the whole of science, not to mention the whole universe, points to the existence of God. one animal cell is far more complex than any computer, jet etc. the God who designed us, our world, our universe is called Jesus Christ and anyone who says we were made by chance (eg evolution) is a fool. And no wonder God also said that. Holy scripture or the Bible is the the one source of truth on our planet. see readf it.

  28. Please read this, seriously.
    Laminin is a 3 domain protein that attaches tissues to the extracellular matrix. I was shocked when I heard people referring to this molecule as evidence for religion. The picture of laminin you have is an “artists rendition” of the protein, replacing active sites and signaling sites with sticks and circles. In fact it looks more like the artist read “Laminin is a protein with 4 arm-like extensions with one arm longer than the others” and just ran with the idea. Check one of these three links to see what the protein looks like with and without attached ligands. There is absolutely nothing crosslike in its shape. You are all being duped.

    And @ ainsley: I am a research scientist too. I do applications of proteomics in cancer research. You must be looking at science through some jesus colored glasses to miss the evidence of evolution painted all over our cells and molecules.

  29. @Icomeblood, please know that I have stated several times in these comments that Laminin by no means provides “evidence for
    religion” And I knew it was an artists version when I posted it. I have seen other pictures of laminin and other renditions also and realize it is not the shape of a perfect cross. It’s easy to find on the internet.

    1. Well said my sister Sandy.My scientist friends,please note that the cross wasn’t perfect just like the laminin.It was the Sacrifice on the cross that was perfect.

      But you have been blinded,and your hearts hardened that you will not see and understand.God loves you so much my scientist brothers but Romans speaks of the sons of disobedience.Paul says that God displays His glorious works all around us but we want to insist on our ways so God’s handed us over to our sinfull passions.To believe what we choose even though He gives us signs everyday of His great power and works.

      Even for scientist of our modern day,God gives signs that you might believe.What excuse will you have when you come before God?On the ‘Indescribable’tour dvd,Louie shows us the cross in the dark black core.And what do scientist call it?”The X-Structure”.They have just been knocked for a KO but yet they resist.They won’t succumb and surrender to the truth that its ‘A Cross’.But God loves you so much and He will continue to pursue your hearts.

      God is all around you…even right now as you read this He is all around you…with you and in you…He holds you together.

  30. Good to know that there are still a lot of us who believes in God. The next good question is, “Is the God to whom we believe in is the most powerful or the true God who created us”? According to the Bible, there will be false christ and false prophets that will arise… It is true, there are many who teaches the name Christ but they do not follow the full teachings of Christ. Some Christ teaches not to eat pork, some say faith alone saves, some says once save always save, some teaches to worship idols, some believes on oneness, etc… Yet, they all say that they are all Chirstians. True Christians knows what they should believe and what they should not beleive. The Bible is complete, it contains all the imperative things that we should know and everthing we should believe. Bible will teach us if Christians are allowed or not allowed to eat pork, what else should we need aside from faith to be save, why we should not worship idols, why and how salvation can be lost, etc…
    Believing that there is God is great. But using this black hole and the cross inside of it in relation with the Laminin as a basis of believing God is a scrap. The Bible is complete, if you use it and read it, you will not be deceive by these false christ and prophets…

  31. I am sorry to say this, believeing in things like this is ignorance of the Bible. Go and search for a preacher who can teach you Biblical facts and Chirst techings from the Bible. There are so many things in the Bible that will make us believe how great the God is. If your preacher cannot teach you those, then go and searh for somebody who can.

    1. Jhay,you are clearly passionate for Jesus.I can hear that my friend.But no one is forming idols out of this.I believe this is the ‘new thing’the Spirit of God is doing in the earth.Remember Joel 2:28-29?

      The Lord wants His church to reach as many souls as possible.Its about Jesus and the inheritance His Father had sworn to to give Him.(Psalm 2)

      God is using as means as possible using all ways neccesary that all ‘flesh may glory’in Him.Jesus’return is very near…much closer than we can imagine.God said He’d ‘pour out His Spirit upon all flesh’…that means scientists.

      You have already been sanctified(cleansed)and Jesus said in John 15.So we must be excited for these discoveries by scientists.This is ammunition(food)for the church of Christ globally,to pray that they(scientists) might believe through these.

      But now,instead,we end up fighting one another,and it becomes more religious than rejoicing.Jesus Himself said that ‘Int he last days kingdoms will rise against kingdoms'(Matthew 24).So let the Spirit open your eyes my brother(Isaiah 32) or you could miss it.We mustn’t get religious…be REVIVED!!!

      I love you brother.Stay zealous…The Lord wants to include you and me in this BIG BIG story that’s all about Him.Even Jesus told His disciples that the Spirit will come to glorify Him.So let us work with the Holy Ghost to glorify Christ.(John 16)Jesus said by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another…So let us do that…

      Love is the key,Jhay…LOVE.

  32. Jhay, thanks for your input. I can assure you as I have several times in this comments section, I am not saying that because some molecules come together to form something similar to a cross is a “basis for believing” I agree that is ridiculous. God demonstrates many other reasons to believe through out the bible.

  33. Español..
    Dios el el creador. eso es algo que nadie puede o no quiere entender la definision esta clara toda creacciom viene desde Dios. nada salio de la nada. fue el quien inicio todo… o estoy en un error.? claro que estoy seguro que el esta en tre nosotros. y el tercer caballo ya llego acaba de iniciar…

  34. it is so amazing, the first time i saw it i cannot but acknowledge the greatness of our GOD…..GOD really is in control to everything even the structure of the human body that symbol….Jesus is THE key that binds everything together…

  35. ..i’ve never really had a knack for science but after watching numerous exerts of L.G…i was simply blown away and really want to find out more about God and how He is interwoven our lives, bodies& nature by the power of the cross…its really becoming a reality that: everything starts at the cross…wow wow wow God is so awesome and super intelligent too..

  36. I appreciate that Laminin is the glue that holds our bodies together, and its structure is in the pattern man has appointed to the crucifixion symbol (the cross). It is not for sure what shape Christ’s cross took. No one knows. For sure the real shape. All we know is that it is called a cross.

    The symbol of the cross signifies death. 1Cor. 15:22 declares that all man shall die. God put the symbol of the t into the laminin structure knowing man would recognize it as the symbol of death.

    Death overshadows life even in our cells. Though Laminin is the glue that holds life together it only works as long as there is life. How ironic. God does have a sense of humor. LOL.

  37. Whether the protein takes on the image of the cross or not really isn’t the issue. the fact that God has created a protein that is responsible for so much is amazing! Since God created everything in this universe he does hold us together, even with the smallest of proteins that the eye can’t see.

    God is good!

  38. Oh, what a bunch of mumbo-jumbo because if there was a real god, especially one that exists in our bodiies, there wouldn’t be any diseases, deformities, or malnourished human bodies. So come on and GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT and do some deeper thinking…loonies!!!

  39. OK, the diagram above is way dumbed down. If you look at a less dumbed down (more accurate) diagram of laminin, you will se that the resemblance to a cross lessens. Also, the structure of proteins is how it performs its job. That shape is just so that it can bond to skin cells. It is like a lock and key. The skin cell fits perfectly within it. If you look up proteins you will learn that every protein has a specific shape, and “folds” itself into that shape every time. The shape is the differentiating factor of each protein. I think this is a cool coincidence, as I am Christian, however I just like to use proven science before assuming god created this protein in this shape just because it holds skin cells together. If you say that, wouldn’t the proteins that help neurons out be a symbolic shape? Without them, you wouldn’t be able to think, nor would your body be able to do anything.

  40. How can u say no God exist if the evidence is all around us. Look outside for a change and open your eyes. Look at the trees, the birds and take a deep breath. How could u say that all that exists just by chance. How can a so called ‘Big Bang’ create life?

  41. I just watched the video and read, briefly, some of the comments on this blog. For those who are criticizing Christians for seeing a connection between the shape of laminin, the cross of Jesus Christ, and the fact that He DOES hold all things together…please consider this. Before he spoke on laminin, the speaker in the video laid out the complexity in the creation of the universe (so awesome and grand–remember the “Big Dog”?) and wonderfully paralleled the complexity in the creation of our bodies. With all the technology and know-how, a “small” thing like an eye cannot be reproduced or synthesized like it is in creation. Such marvelous creations are not coincidences but displays the work of a Mighty Creator. Then the speaker highlighted creation in an even smaller form–laminin. It is amazing that a protein so small can hold together the intricately specialized cells of our bodies. The point I believe he was making is that God–so awesome in power, Creator of all things–LOVES us. He knows even the smallest details of our lives. The shape of the laminin reinforces this idea of love by reminding us that His love became action. He sent His beautiful and spotless Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. The laminin doesn’t “prove” to us that God exists. It reminds us that He loves us.

  42. What an incredible discussion! Laminin IS the Glue that holds our cells together (giving us life!) and is in itself a gift from G-d. No mistake that the molecular structure is of a Cross here. I discovered LamiNine, which strengthens the Laminin in the body, and is miraculous in that it awakens and feeds our Stem Cells, enabling THEM to continue the work of Creation and Repair and Rejuvenate our physical and emotional bodies. Empowering ourselves in our Belief always renders positive results! This information is revealing and a real blessing!

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