Grocery Shopping with the kids is such bliss!

Yes you heard me right, grocery shopping with my kids is great!! Today, after close to 12 years of grocery shopping stress ( you know the kind of stress I mean – the kids whine for certain foods, or they want to push the cute little kiddie shopping cart 60 mph down the produce aisle, or when you are in the farthest corner of the grocery store with a very full cart one of the kids says “I have to go poopy!”, or they stand at the free sample of carrots and dip and double dip, licking their carrot each time, or they like to take shots into the grocery cart with the toilet paper rolls like it’s a basketball). But today it was different, it finally happened, shopping bliss!

I arrived at the grocery store afterschool today with both kids in tow. The kids took their own cart and went to retrieve several of our usual products, like the 5 gallons of milk we drink each week. I then concentrated on the other items. We met near the check out line. I casually said to my son that I was going to go down and check out the beautiful Christmas display at the end of the store. I asked he and my daughter to unload the groceries to check out. I said I would be right back. Anticipating complaining, I was shocked when I heard an “ok.” I quickly bolted for the Christmas display for a few minutes of peace. Much to my surprise I got lost in that brief glorious moment of Christmas shopping and lost track of time until SportTman comes down and says that it is now time to pay. I return to our spot in line, and almost pass out, as I see both of my children working calmly together bagging the groceries. I pinch myself to make sure this is not some weird dream, smile at the cashier, and pay. The kids then take off with the fully loaded cart. The Inventor turns and asks for my keys. I throw her the keys and walk casually to the car. I arrive at the car as the kids are loading the groceries into the van. I find my keys on the front seat of the van, I sit down, turn on the car, and drive home in shock. I am still not sure if it was a dream or if it really happened. But we did eat a frozen pizza for dinner tonight that I put in the cart… I am thinking it really happened!

There is hope ladies for those of you with grocery shopping woes……hang in there.


  1. Yes, I am so glad that my grocery store horrors are over. Actually my kids hardly ever go to the store with me because I do it while their at school. But on our last vacation we split into three groups. Thirteen year old and eleven year old, Dad with eight year old, and me – on my own. Oh yeah, the older two also took the baby. We were done with groceries for a week in no time and they didn’t even put in too much junk. There are benefits to this older kid stuff…well except driving!

  2. I was there. I was at that place of grocery zen, until December of last year when Bubba arrived. Now, Scarlett and I take turns shoving Cherios in his mouth and trying to keep him happy as he chortles to anyone who passes by. I do agree that I will be there again, when Bubba is nine and Scarlett is, oh my goodness…18!!!I think I’ll take Cherios and chortles…

  3. Totally with you here…I had a similar experience yesterday. I met a friend at the bookstore…we actually got to sit in the coffee shop and enjoy some time together while my kids hung out in the children’s section. I kept one ear listening for them, but was left undisturbed. It was a first. It was lovely. Sigh.

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