13 candles on the cake this year!


13 years ago today SportTman was born. As the saying goes, time sure flies. I can now see the evidence of things he did as a baby, and how they have grown into the boy he is today. The first word he spoke was “ball.” Hubby and I used to line up a bunch of toys in a row and see which one he would crawl to and grab……80% of the time it was the sports ball! As evidenced by his nickname, he is a sports boy! He currently plays middle school basketball and soccer, and plays for an AAU baseball team.

The nurses in the nursery at the hospital made the comment about him, saying “that baby never misses a thing.” And let me assure, that boy still doesn’t miss a thing. This characteristic has helped him to develop into a good student at school.

When he was 3 he wanted me to pitch a ball to him for close to an hour on an almost DAILY basis!! He would loudly proclaim, “I want to whack it our of here!” And today, baseball is his favorite sport. And I should mention as he says good-bye to age 12, 12 is his current shoe size! Does that mean that he will soon be wearing size 13????? 🙂

SportTman participates in a lot of activities and does quite well in them, but our continued prayer for him is that he will continue to serve God and grow into a Godly man. I am so proud of my teenager, and the man he is becoming. But my greatest joy comes from seeing him grow into a Godly man with strong convictions and Godly wisdom!

Happy Birthday SportTman, I am so thankful for you!

By the way, the cake in the picture is a yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. SportTman’s favorite!



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