Jesus still dwells in the center of my town!!


This is the Nativity that sits right smack in the middle of my town! It has been there for several decades, and after a battle with the ACLU in 1994 it still stands in the center of town, loudly proclaiming the reason for Christmas is still Jesus! Back in 94 several ACLU lawyers demanded the nativity be taken down. The town gathered together right in the middle of the town square to pray, we even had recording artist Wayne Watson come and sing a few Christmas songs. It was a heartwarming event, yet we were all unsure as to what would become of the beloved creche. After the lawyers researched the ownership of the little square in the center of town that the nativity sits on……..they found out that the local Moravian Church that originally founded the town in the mid 1700s’ still owns the square!! Since it stands on private property the nativity can still be displayed each year at Christmas.

It warms my heart every year in late November as the nativity is erected in the center of town shortly after Thanksgiving. I will often sit at the traffic light in town and ponder it’s significance, I think how our town still proudly gathers together to erect a nativity in the middle of town in such a secular world.  I ponder what it represents in a world that is trying the take the Christ out of Christmas.  I admire it’s simple beauty. It’s the same simple, and humble beauty that sent Jesus to this earth on a lowly night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. That is why our family celebrates Christmas! Thank you God that a precious nativity can still stand in my town and be a strong, visual reminder to all that pass by that your birth and sacrifice is the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my dear blogging friends, it has been a joy to “get to know” so many of you and Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!



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