On snoring……

Just wondering God what was your creative thinking when you invented snoring? I am sure you are aware how it can keep wives awake for hours upon hours. And as you know we moms/wives need our sleep so we can function and be that kind, tender-hearted, jovial, energetic women you want us to be. Not the sleep deprived, “seriously considering kicking and beating my husband” women I am now becoming. It’s now 5:17 am, not really the time I wanted to be up during my Christmas vacation. This snoring is so loud I am worried even with the windows shut, the neighbors may soon awaken. Heck, the window may even shatter at this rate! Well I am off to kick, beat, cuddle with my husband and whisper evil rants, sweet endearments into his ear. Please God let me know your thinking on this one, or simply perform a miracle like when you calmed the seas in an instant, calm this “snorm” in my bed INSTANTLY!


Desperately seeking sleep


  1. Sandy, you are hilariously FUNNY!!! The problem is in my house; I do MOST of the snoring!!! Yikes!!! Thanks for the morning laugh.

    You’re a hoot!!! 🙂

  2. Too funny! I was awoken by God’s little joke this morning too. I pinch my husbands nose and then he usually rolls over, temporarily fixing the problem. Good luck tonight.

    And…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…I’ve been a little blog-less the last couple weeks. I’m back.

  3. While I am pregnant, I tend to snore towards the end – must be the extra weight! My poor hubby! His solution – either asking me to turn over or wearing ear plugs – at least the ear that is exposed to the racket! (if he is sleeping on his side. Have you tried ear plugs? Just a thought! 🙂 Hopefully, my snoring will stop sometime this week! (Baby is due in 2 days!)

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