We need to leave at 7:15am today!!!!

I yelled to the kids this morning, “we need to leave by 7:15, I have a meeting at school at 7:35 and I can’t be late!” It was 6:45am, and I still needed to eat, pack SportTman’s lunch, find some clean pants in my laundry mess for my son, and try to find 5 min. to drink a cup of coffee and read glance at the morning paper. I then did as every wise mom does, gave a 10 minute warning and a 5 minute warning, so the kids knew I meant business. So at 7:15 I expected to see the kids in the van and ready to go. I grabbed my coffee, lunch and laptop bag and headed out to the van. I said to “prompt daughter” sitting ready in the back of the van, “where is your brother?”

SportTman was still getting ready!  Finally about 7:19, while we are waiting in the van in the driveway, he comes out. In my most wise, calm, motherly angry, mad, yelling voice I told him, I meant 7:15 and not 7:19 ( trust me, this is NOT the first time this has happened, we are always waiting for him! Our “commute” to school is only about 5-7 min.). So I told him, he could not use his Nitendo DS for the rest of today and he owed me a dollar. He immediately complained, whined, yelled and of course said “it’s not fair.” I told him he doesn’t have to pay me the dollar or hand over the Nitendo if he came into my meeting and told everyone why I was late! He didn’t pick that option. 🙂

But as we drove on to school together, his tone calmed, the mood in the car became more lighthearted, and when I dropped him off at school in front of his friends, he says back to me, “Love ya Mom.”

I just love that long-legged, size 12 shoe wearing, baseball, basketball, soccer playing 13 year old….yep through it all he is my son, and I am thankful for him!


  1. Double Whammy! Hit em where it hurts TWICE! 🙂

    It’s strange how those little (or big) boys have a way of melting our hearts right after the make us turn into a meany. I wonder if I confuse my son with how quickly I can change.

    IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS? …did it get you to renig on the punishment?

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