Very random thoughts…..

Beware…this is random…remember I warned you. 🙂

I am home sick today with some kind of crazy spring flu. I woke up 2 nights ago, freezing. I promptly put on all the winter clothes I could find, and heated up two herbal hot packs to stuff down my shirt to stay warm. After that I soon discovered I had a fever, and soon began to take off all the clothes I had just put on. I missed school yesterday also. Who gets the flu in May?

The first day of May is today, and that brings up a whole new topic. Today is my birthday….yep 29 again! This is my 15th time being 29. It’s a fun age. So I get to stay home sick from school for my b-day.

Hubby did get me this wonderful, relaxing hammock swing for my b-day the other day. I am so excited to put it together and put it under my deck, where there is a nice brick patio with a beautiful view of our woods. Oh, and that is not my fancy backyard, just a pic of the swing from a website. 🙂  But doesn’t that swing just scream…come and sit and relax!

I am feeling better today, at least I am not sleeping my life away today. I actually ate some food and made a little coffee this morning. Coffee…….don’t you just love the smell of coffee? I know hubby loves the smell, but does NOT drink coffee at all. I often wake up my kids in the morning by telling them to “wake up and smell the coffee!” I then stick my cup of coffee under their nose in a way to frustrate the heck out of them. I think someday they will have fond memories of the creative way their mom got them up in the morning. 🙂 While on the topic of coffee, I must make you all aware of one of my favorite coffee songs. Yes, a song about coffee! You just never know what you will get on my blog, just the other day I posted a wonderful worship song…today it’s a song about coffee! This is a fun coffee song by an old friend of mine. So gather your kids together and sing along with me….

“C-O-F, F -E -E why in the world do we drink coffee?”

If Coffee Smells So Good Why Does it Taste So Bad


  1. Oh that video is hilarious. Thanks for posting it. I think I will go brew a cup of C-O-F, F-EE!
    Oh and Happy sick Birthday. UGH!
    Get well soon.

  2. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well!! I did the math, do you realize that I turn 29 + 15 this July. No wonder we have so much in common!!! Happy Birthday, Dear!!!! 🙂

  3. Too fun!

    A very happy birthday to you. Hope you find some relaxation time on that hammock soaking in the sun and feeling better!

  4. Happy birthday to you. Sorry I am just catching up with my bloglines 15 minutes before your special day comes to an end. I hope you shake this flu. Spring/summer colds stink.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    And the coffee song is a hoot!

    Praying you will feel completely better….enjoy your weekend (and your coffee!)

  6. That’s a cute song. Happy Birthday a few days late. Hope you were able to celebrate some this weekend and that you felt better quickly!

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