I need to see a doctor….

Something is wrong with me. I am not sure what is going on. Drums brought me this delicious chocolate bar about 2 WEEKS ago and I STILL have it!!!! This never happens. What kind of girl has yummy, scrumptious chocolate in her house, un-touched after 2 weeks! I am worried, I have a chocolate image to keep up. Jesus and Ice Cream or Jesus and Watermelon just don’t have the same feel as Jesus and Dark Chocolate.

Ice Cream and watermelon is what I have been craving this summer, but no chocolate. What should I do, I am starting to panic.


  1. Diagnosis: Anti Chocolate Appetite Syndrome

    Prognosis: Full recovery with proper medical treatment

    Treatment: (1). Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World (2). Take slow, deep breaths as you ride (3). Ask for two complimentary pieces of chocolate upon completion of the ride, instead of one (4). Go an buy yourself, one bar of Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate and eat one piece every five minutes until it is entirely consumed.

    Follow up: After completion of treatment, you MUST discipline yourself to eat at least one piece of a chocolate bar each week, until chocolate blood levels reach normal.

  2. Ok, if watermelon and ice cream is what you are craving…then what is to say that you cannot drown it in Chocolate?? ummmmmmm…Nothing!! Then go for it, girl!!! OR when you eat your ice cream, don’t use a spoon, use the chocolate bar!! You can get back on the wagon, don’t you worry girl…LOL


  3. Ok Beautiful Grace and Ronnie, you two are too funny! Thanks for the advice. I must get to work on this……..

  4. I’m so disappointed in you. I don’t know if we can be friends after this. I’ll have to get back to you. If things change and you come to your senses, please let me know.

    ;o) LOL

  5. Could you be pregnant? Pregnancy messes us your cravings you know….

    As long as Jesus stays, whatever go with it will do even if it’s “Jesus and Tofu” I will still come and visit your blog 🙂

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