Random thoughts

Every blogger needs a random thoughts post every once in a while. So now it’s my turn for some serious randomness. πŸ™‚

I start back to school next week, I am not in the school mode yet! Summer has been so nice for us, and I guess I am not dealing with the reality that it will soon be over.

But on the other hand I am accepting it, and have been so busy this week running around trying to get everything done. You would think I was preparing for nuclear war or a hurricane. I feel like I need to have gobs of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, conditioner, detergent etc. on hand so I never need to shop again! I tend to forget that I can still shop for these things during the school year. πŸ™‚ I get this way before school starts every year. I also think I need to have the house in order, cleaned, and plenty of food and “supplies” for the house so I don’t have to deal with it during school. Or, if war does break out, I will be prepared. πŸ™‚

This will be my 2nd year at this job, and my 2nd year working full-time again ( I was a SAHM for 5 years and taught part time for 4 years). I still struggle with working full time every day……..yet when it comes down to it, I do feel that God has me in this job and I see so many opportunities to honor Him with my job and interactions with students. Drums and I both teach at our local public high school, and as much as I personally did not want to go back and teach at our local high school ( I had taught there 10 years ago), I now see God’s wisdom in it. It really is the perfect job for me, of course I see that now, and of course I fought it and didn’t see that last year! I remember saying, “this must be God’s will, cause it makes no sense to me to switch jobs.” And now I so clearly see God’s wisdom in the whole job move……funny how that happens isn’t it? It comes down to trusting God even when it doesn’t make sense to us. I know I often blow it in those situations.

More randomness……..I went kayaking the other day for the first time! SportTman and I went out on a local river, we rented “sit on top” kayaks for 2 hours. We both LOVED it! What a fun thing, I have read about how much Faith enjoys kayaking before and have seen others do it. So I wanted to try it before summer was over. SportTman and I had a blast, the river was choppy that day and at first we were nervous. But since it was choppy it actually made it more fun, we felt like we were, as my son would say, “getting some air” when we went over a wave!

Do you like the pic of me getting some air? πŸ™‚

Oh and did I mention, that after 20 years of wearing glasses, I got contacts! The Inventor got them last winter, and when I watched her put the contacts in and saw how easy it is, I thought, what am I waiting for??? πŸ™‚ So I feel so hip and cool, now that I can wear sunglasses…….compared to the stylin clip-on glasses I have been wearing for years! Do you like my Wal-Mart $9.89 glasses? πŸ™‚ Nothing but the finest eye ware for me.

Also, I feel a bit guilty about not being a good blogging buddy lately. I just haven’t been reading your blogs as much as I like to. Too busy preparing for war I guess. I do enjoy reading so many of your blogs, and seeing how God works in your lives. Hopefully this will be a better weekend for that. πŸ™‚


  1. You’re an awesome lady and I understand why God has called you to teach the next generation!!! You have a gentleness about you that speaks of Him and, even though you can’t speak of Him to you class, His Presence in you causes your students to be in His Presence. Bless you, Sandy!

  2. I am getting to write a long post of randomness but I decided to visit my bloggy friends first. This blog is an encouragement to me. I am once again in a cross road about working. I am enjoying working part time right now but my boss just told me that they will need a full time person soon and it’s my choice – full time or bye bye part time job (it’s a nice separation but nevertheless a termination). Anyway, at first I thought it’s time to go and be a SAHM, but after talking to hubby it seems like I can’t – I have to go full-time. SIGH!

    Glasses looks great on you!
    Now I need to get that post going.
    Have nice relaxing weekend!

  3. Yeah!! You did some kayaking!! Isn’t it great??
    Today is most likely our last day to kayak unless we have really good Sept Saturdays and a couple of free ones! We’re going to a state park east of Albany that has a nice lake and beach for one last picnic before work/school begins Wed.

    I know what you mean about stocking up…I do the same thing every year!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about God’s will, jobs, etc. “Been there, done that”…
    I love visiting here!!

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