So I am driving down the road………

I am driving down the road the other day, praying, and thinking. Since I was alone in the car, this was possible. I realized that I have been suffering from the “I used to” syndrome. I have been feeling very guilty about the “I used to” syndrome and now IĀ  feel like I have been set free from this thorn in my side. šŸ™‚

Why is it as a mom, all great revelations either come when I am enjoying peace and quiet in the bathroom or while I am driving???

So what is the IUT syndrome?

Let me give you some insight

  • I used to always have the cookie jar filled with homemade cookies……….NOW we eat Oreos
  • I used to plan creative meals with a large variety of family favorites……….NOW it’s the crock-pot, or the grill
  • I used to be a women’s ministry speaker and I really felt God using me at the many events I spoke at……….NOW I don’t even have time to attend these events.
  • I used to teach a variety of classes for women at my church…………..NOW I just see the classes listed in the church bulletin.
  • I used to read and study my bible more……………NOW my devotions are quite sporadic
  • I used to have a special snack waiting for the kids when they got home from school………..NOW they eat nothing, or have junk food!
  • I used to match socks in a timely manner………..NOW I just buy more socks
  • I used to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees…….NOW, I used the Swifter, and hope my cleaning lady is coming soon!

I have been feeling so guilty about all my “use to” things, that I had totally lost sight of the present. I was not allowing God to use me NOW. I kept comparing myself to all the things I had done in the past and felt so guilty that I didn’t do those things anymore. So if you are constantly surrounding yourself with guilt, you leave very little opportunity to be used NOW. Well, during the drive to the grocery store, while feeling tired and weary after my first week of school……God spoke to my heart! Got to love His timing. Anyway, I have totally changed my attitude, and am looking for small and even big opportunities for God to use me in my current crazy, busy, working full-time life. šŸ™‚ I am no longer going to be ruled by the IUT syndrome.

Here I am Lord, use me NOW! I think I will go enjoy an Oreo and get the crock-pot ready for dinner tomorrow. šŸ™‚


  1. I think I feel that way because I feel like so much is required & expected of me…because I am the MOM. Maybe because at one point I felt like I was a Supermom. I have felt the IUT syndrome since #3 came along over 3 years ago. But just as you said…we just need to be ready for Him to use us at this moment, become that willing vessel that He can use for His glory. Thanks for that post. I needed to read that on a Monday morning for sure!

  2. I used to compare my house keeping skills to those of my Mom. The house I grew up in was neat, orderly, and extrememly clean. My house on the other hand can be, lets just say, “a little messy.” One day a few years ago, I verbalized my ponderings to Mom, who immediately said, “I never had a job outside of home and I didn’t homeschool my children. You can’t do everything.” Her statement set me free. I know I am called to minister first to my children and husband and then to the children God places in my path at church and at our co-op. Housework and homemaking still have their place, but like Mom said, “You can’t do everything.” Dear Sandy, “You can’t do everything.” Besides, I know you use your summers to do many of the things you can’t do now!!! May the blessing of Jesus rest upon you giving you heart-peace in all things. Much love, BG

  3. That’s a good lesson for all of us: at home or at work. It’s that Isrealite “life was better back in Egypt” thing that plagues us all on certain days. Ah well, back to manna and quail…and learning to really enjoy it.

  4. Been there done that. Especially because at times in our former church where just about every single woman was a full time SAHM OR only volunteered in ministries, I felt like an outcast and sooooo guilty about some of the very things you mention above. you, the Lord showed me that I need to live MY life in the place where HE has me NOW! (I was walking in the woods, not driving!) and I realized that I am doing what He has gifted me to do: teach special needs kids. And if that means my own kids get crockpot meals a few times a week or grilled food….well…hey…it’s healthier anyways and they will survive AND they are seeing their mom pursuing a Proverbs 31 mentality. Serving, using our gifts, AND managing our homes and spouse and children!
    You go Girl…this was one of the best posts I’ve read!!

  5. lol well i’m cooking baby back ribs in my crock pot right now… so i’m okay with that one! LOL
    I do understand the IUT syndrom though… I used to do a lot of things, but now i’m lucky if i remember my name!!!

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