There is no place like home!!!

I get to be home ALL day today! I am so excited. We were supposed to be at SportTmam’s baseball tournament all day…….but it’s raining in my neck of the woods. So ALL games are canceled for today……can the Hallelujah chorus begin! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love these tournaments, I love seeing my son play, I sit there usually as the proud mom.

However, there comes a point when a girl needs to be home. I need to be at home to get the wash done, the house picked up etc. I have also been wanting to bake these glorious, fall pumpkin cookies.…but I need to be home to do this. Baking cookies in the van, while driving, just isn’t a good idea. Despite my mom super hero powers, it won’t work. 🙂 So hopefully I can post a picture of them later today, if they don’t disappear to quickly. But for now I am going to get the newspaper, make some coffee, and enjoy reading the paper and drinking coffee. Can you tell I am excited about this??

It’s nice to be home! There is no place like our own home…….A shelter from the storm of life.


  1. Fire ran in a 5k run last night in the midst of heavy mist!!! Yikes, my soggy hair!!! Haven’t heard yet if the soccer game for today is canceled.

    Glad you can relax and bake your pumkin cookies. Have a great day!! 🙂

  2. Amen…we are home today too (well, after the early a.m. dance audition for the xmas show at church that my youngest is in!)…raining lightly here after a hard rain yesterday.
    Am getting house in order and reading done…YEAH!!!!! and maybe a Spice cake made as a treat! Isn’t it nice to just be home???
    (well the teen will disappear to the Youth Center around 2:30 pm and we won’t see her until about 9:30 tonite but…she’s a teen….)…the rest of us will just enjoy some much needed down time!
    OH…make sure you visit me and click on the link I posted Thursday about moms who work! You will love her article.

  3. Sandy, I can almost smell the pumpkin cookies from here. Any recipe? I enjoy your blog and the family day photo. I can catch on family news, your Mom hasn’t been doing too much recently. She has too much recovery to do. I can now picture the fall after being up there last year. It was unbelievably beautiful. Take care, catch you again. Love,Aunt C.

  4. I am saying the same thing! I just don’t have a home to go back to but I am still home sick. Home=a place of our own! No home until March 09 when we get to Thailand! In Mexico now, singing “Happy Homeless People Holding Hands”!

  5. Can SO relate to this! Being home (alone at that!) is such a treat. Those times when we are only home long enough to make a mess catch up with me. Had my first great time with the Lord today after over a week (with a good cup of coffee of course!) and it so refreshing. Hope you’ll have many more weekend times like it this Fall! 🙂 ❤

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