Oh my, if only I had a brain!

The other day on my way to school I called my aide ( who often arrives in MY classroom before me! She is just so great like that!) to tell her I will be late. I told her “my eyes are freaking out, I think something is wrong with my contact. I just got new lenses and they must have given me the wrong prescription. I just can’t see out of my right eye”

So as people often do, I quickly blamed someone else for my problem! 🙂

I rush home, and attempt to remove the contact I put in that morning……….only to realize at that point, the reason I could not see was because the contact for my right eye had been laying in the sink instead of in my eye! And I was blaming Wal Mart vision center. 🙂

When I got back to school I simply told my aide, “It helps to see best if you actually put the contact in your eye!” Life is funny some days, and it’s best to laugh at yourself rather then let it ruin you day.


  1. I have totally done that before. Gives you an awesome headache. So glad you found your contact and that it didn’t get rinsed down the sink. Done that before too. LOl

  2. Just wanted to let you know you won the book giveaway at my place this week.

    I need to get your address, and I’ll have it on its way to you in a jiffy!

    Bless your heart on the whole contact fiasco. I’ve been known to do similar things!

  3. Funny 🙂

    Do you use hard or soft contact lenses?

    I use soft and one time i was trying hard to take the lens out of my eyes and couldn’t – .. only to find out later after turning my eyes red, that I also had taken it out – yikes!

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