Silence is golden!

I walked into the computer lab at school the other day to get my computer upgraded. My son just bought a new iPod Nano, so I needed the newest iTunes version.   As I entered the lab I was suddenly overwhelmed by the silence! There were no classes in the lab at the time, just the one lonely lab assistant, quietly working at her computer.  As I gave her my laptop for an upgrade, I plopped myself down in a chair, and relished the silence!  ( Do I sound old or what, I am now relishing silence!)  But for that brief moment in the computer lab it was if everything suddenly stopped for a moment, the busyness of the school day turned into a reflective moment in the computer lab.

The moment of silence caught me off-guard, but it was also God’s perfect timing.  The Lord knew I needed a little moment of refreshing amidst my busy day.  So I sat there in the computer lab, in what may have appeared to some as a zombie state of mind, but in reality was a moment of refreshing, and renewing.  I feel certain the lab assistant would have thought I was dozing off during school, but I can assure you that was not the case. 🙂

What a glorious reminder to savor those brief moments of silence, to refocus your thoughts to more heavenly matters, and savor time with the savior!  I posted several weeks ago about my struggle with making Jesus the center of my life.  But many of you suggested bring Him into my daily activities, and this moment in the computer lab was just that!



  1. Being a SAHM of 3 very loud children, that very rarely happens, but when it does…I do enjoy the silence and I do meet with God! Glad you were refreshed and had a moment with God during your busy day! Those are the best…like a power nap!

  2. I am actually finding it easier to find those moments being a part time working mom than I did when I was home full time!! I look for those moments with the Savior throughout my day…sometimes those 5 minutes of solitude or silence mean more than a whole hour of worship on Sunday a.m.! Great Post, Sandy….

  3. My boys are so often louder than they are quieter. I love those rare moments when it is still and silent. They are coming more frequently as all the kids are in school… but, I am afraid, they will be hard to come by when I start back to school in January. With a full class load, I am sure that every moment I can steal will be precious. Glad you had a few moments of your own.

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