The Great Outdoors


I know I have written before about how my kids  LOVE to play outside.  I have often said, some people  have “outdoor dogs”, I have “outdoor kids.”   We are so blessed to have a woods with a creek behind our house.  Over the years playing in the woods has evolved into many things……..fort building, flashlight tag at nights, some serious dam building in the creek, digging of gigantic holes, a mud factory, a clay pottery club, mud pie factory etc….  However as of late our beautiful woods has turned into…..well how do I say this………umm………do I call it a shack city, or a plethora of homeless shelters, or as the kids would say a glorious fort complex!  Please take a quick tour of our woods and let me know what you think. 🙂

Despite being quite the eyesore for the average mom, I think the latest and greatest forts are a great lifetime memory maker, and it certainly fosters the creativity in my kids. 🙂 Oh and please look carefully at the one picture of The Inventor inside the one fort…….yes that is a copy of the U.S Constitution hanging up in the fort!  Why it is there……that I can not answer, it must be a kid thing…… And I like that.







  1. This reminded me of where I grew up, tons of woods, and a tree fort of course. I loved it and have many fond memories of playing in it with my friends. You have some lucky kids there.

  2. The fort complex looks great! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, after all. The beauty of this fort complex is more than its outward appearance to the outsider.

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