Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome if you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party!

I am late jumping in on the big bash, but when you are a busy 40+ mom with 2 sports crazed kiddos life comes at you fast.  Plus when you are over 40, something immediately happens in your brain to your short term memory and you forget things easily.  I think it happened to me on my 40th birthday….but I don’t remember.  🙂

So welcome to my blog, as you can see from the title, I  blog about 2 of my favorite things, Jesus and chocolate, you really can’t go wrong with either one of those things!

I also blog a lot about my family, since aside from being a full-time special ed teacher, my family life pretty much consumes what I do.  Well my family AND drinking too much coffee and eating too much chocolate.

I must introduce you to my family.  We are a fun loving bunch, hubby is also a high school teacher, we teach at the same school and my kids are 12 and 14.  Between all of us, currently we attend to 2-3 soccer practices each week, one piano lesson, youth group, worship team practice for playing the drums, 4-5 baseball practices, for 2 different teams with many games and tournaments,  teach one Girls Alive class,  teach one Jr. High Sunday School class, build forts in our woods, plus we watch lots of movies at home and consume lots of popcorn and pizza on Friday nights!  Oh and we also take care of 2 rabbits, and a dog.  It’s never ending fun and chaos at our house!


Here you can see how well my children get along together


Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and I will stop by “your place.”  And if you are on Twitter or Facebook let me know I can visit you there also!  🙂

Please stop by the UBP party, trust me, they have more prizes then you can imagine to give away!  It’s overwhelming!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Moms Who Think are giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Since I have a 12 year old girl, I think this site is so cute, it has cool products for tweens getting their period. It’s called Dot Girls Products. It makes your period seem cool…..imagine that!

Plus a site called Agoosa, is giving away a $50 gift card to Target.  But there are  lots of other Target giveaways also!

I also thought these prize numbers looked very cool, and so unique

#’s, 15, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 37, 55, 58, 68, 82, 88, 89..plus TONS more!

Have fun!


  1. I love the name of your blog! I just had to visit a blog with Jesus AND chocolate in the title! Your family sounds even busier than mine! How do you keep up with it all??

    I found you via the UBP. Hope you’re enjoying the party. You’re welcome to visit my blog too.

  2. Hello Sandy,
    Happy UBP! Nice to meet another fellow Christ-following blogger. Hope you win a great prize,there are so many fabulous ones on the list! Come on over to my blog and say hello, Jen 🙂

  3. Welcome to the party! Your blog brings back lots of memories of when my “kids” were growing up and we were always late for somewhere!

  4. I love your pictures! Especially the second one. I thought having a girl in the mix would exempt you from the wild mahem of floor wrestling…lol! I can’t keep my guys OFF the floor!! Guess some things are universal. 🙂

    About the log umbrella stand, you need a drill with 1/2 inch drill chuck and lots of torque. You also need an inch and a half auger bit. It took a while, and some serious muscle. But having an extra grip handle on his electric drill did help (that, and an audience that wasn’t sure he could do it…lol!) Good luck with it!!

  5. That is pretty cool that you are a special ed teacher. My son has very severe ADHD mostly he can’t focus well and didn’t even read until the third grade. I credit his awesome special ed teachers for helping him and now in fifth grade he is at a fifth grade reading level. So my hat is off to you. What a great calling. It looks like you love being a mom too. You have a beautiful family.

    PS Friday is pizza night here too, but instead of popcorn the ice cream man comes around and everything is a dollar on Friday. This happens year round since it’s Hawaii, but other nights we definitely consume huge amounts of popcorn.

  6. I came here via the Ultimate Blog Party. So nice to meet you, another sister in Christ. I also love Jesus and dark chocolate :).

    Hope you’ll come visit my blog when you get a chance. I can also be found on Facebook (“Fuitbearer”).

  7. It is so nice to see your sweet family! Thanks for hosting the party at your site, too! It is good to come by!


  8. Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


  9. The A Maui Blog is already linked in the party but Liza’s Eyeview is still not. Ib guess I’d be very very late but Liza’s Eyeview is still planning on joining 🙂

    If I remember right, I met you during one of these blog parties. And I am glad!

  10. I love Jesus and chocolate too! You have a beautiful family!

    I’m not a mom yet (hence the name) but I’m hoping to be one soon! By the way I’m stopping by from UBP 09! I’m loving your blog party! I’m having one at mind too if you get a chance to stop by! I’ll be back!

  11. Welcome to the party! I have liked getting out and seeing so many new blogs this week! I love Jesus and chocolate too, so we’d get along great! lol I hope you have a blessed week and enjoying party hopping!!

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