One Body

So I’m singing at church on Sunday during the worship time, and I notice the women next to me had a lovely voice.  As she is singing her heart out to the Lord, I am thinking to myself, man I really can not sing.  Now I am not just saying this to be hard on myself, it’s pretty much a fact.  When my kids were younger Drums used to say to me, “don’t sing to the kids, they will grow up thinking singing out of tune is normal!”  Drums can sing, and carry a tune, I can’t, plain and simple.  So at church on Sunday I secretly pretended that it was me singing with that beautiful voice.  I smiled to myself thinking  I sounded so beautiful….only to be quickly jarred out of my delusion by my son when he elbowed me to ask what time it was!    But for that brief moment I enjoyed being the next Christian American Idol Finalist.

The service concluded, and I went to introduce myself to this gifted singer next to me.  And she said, “Oh Sandy I remember you, you taught a bible study I was in when I first started coming to this church.  You are such a gifted teacher, I still remember several things from that study!”

Yes, I was once again reminded how God makes each of us so unique and gives gifts and abilities that are special to each of us!  You can truly see God’ handiwork in each of us!  And I love how He uses each of us in different ways to honor Him.


  1. Yes, it is true we each have our unique gifts, but let me remind you that the heart of worshipPER is not dependant on whether one sings beautifully (according to man’s standards). Does your song come from your spirit, ministering to Jesus? If so,YOU VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I know my voice is beautiful to the Lord, and my heart is what truly matters, I know all that, but there are times…….I just wish I could really sing. 🙂

    But you are a true and gracious friend Beautiful Grace to remind me of these things. 🙂

  3. I can tell that you are a gifted teacher, just by your blog and your writing as well as your heart for the Lord. I am glad the Lord gives us each different gifts to use for His glory.
    Stop by..I am having a giveaway everyday this week:)

  4. Oh what a nice thing for her to say. And what a sweet blessing from God. You are precious my friend! Thank you for sharing your teachings with us!

  5. Amen! and remember: the Bible doesn’t say make a joyful sound unto the lOrd but rather, a joyful noise!! ANd yup…you ARE a gifted teacher…can tell by your blog entries! 🙂

  6. Sorry, Sandy, I didn’t even think about it. 😦 Are you familiar with the Saunder’s Easter Egg Run? Fire may run in it on April 11th, that is if his ankle is recovered. He sprained it at the game on Sunday. It’s not bad, but is somewhat swollen. He had broken that ankle several years ago, and now is prone to spraining it.

  7. I am an awful singer as well. My kids when they were little would ask me to stop singing… But every Sunday, I sing out loud because I know my voice raised in worship is beautiful to God’s ears.. Make a joyful sound unto the Lord. I love your blog!

  8. You make me giggle, Sandy. I am like you. So much like you! I can’t sing a lick. I can’t even hum in tune, but I sure like to sing. Especially with my hairbrush in front of the mirror. Oops, did I just admit that? LOL!

    But what a sweet reminder you received from the Lord saying, your voice is beautiful to me, but I need you elsewhere for now!

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