Not Me Monday


Not me Monday is always a fun way to let loose a bit and reveal all those funny little family secrets. 🙂

So stop by My Charming Kids and join in on the fun.  And while you are there please continue to pray for MckMamma’s dear little boy Stellan.

  • It was not my 14 year old son who sneezed on the way to school this morning, and then proudly exclaimed, “Mom do you know what one of the coolest things is about spray painting the fort blue yesterday………I  have blue boogers!”  Wow, that is a proud mom moment!  Can I just tell you how very cool he thought that was!
  • It was not me who stood in the pouring down rain to watch The Inventor’s soccer game on Sunday….did I mention that it was pouring!!
  • It was not me who actually revealed my real age at Texas Roadhouse when the family took me out for my birthday dinner on Sat. night.  The waitress said, “what age do you want to be?”, and I actually said my real age!  What was I thinking I could have been 29 again!
  • It was not me who texted my daughter all day during the school day while she was on a field trip to Washington DC.  I know it’s not very professional of me, especially since students are not allowed to have cell phones at school.  Don’t tell anyone, I was so slick, no one knew what I was doing!
  • It was not me who on my own accord with no prompting got on the bottom level of a pyramid with my Girls Alive group of girls.  Think 10-12 5th and 6th graders on the top!


  1. you boogers would be cool… oh and I use my cell all the time at school! wait…where do you teach??lol

  2. The “blue boogers” comment is hysterical!
    I know your kids will always remember how supportive you are!
    Enjoyed your post!

  3. Great list! I love the blue boogers comment…I’ve got two boys so I know what is in my future.

    Happy belated birthday!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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