What Facebook doesn’t tell you……

Like so many of you I have become a Fan of Facebook, I spend more time there than I do blogging sometimes!  Ugh, true confessions there.

While Facebook can be fun, it often leaves you guessing and wanting more info.  For instance, I posted this as my status yesterday.

“Sandy has gorilla glue stuck all over her fingers.” Now for the rest of the story…..I was helping The Inventor make a homemade drum for a school music project.  And as I was helping her glue the embroidary hoop into place, I was hurrying and just pretty much let that lovely glue get all over me!  Luckily if you put in a google search for, “how to get lots of gorilla glue off you hands.”  It says it wears off in a a day or two, and I am happy to report that is true!


Here are other FB status updates…….

“I nap, therefore I function!” Now for the rest of the story……..I am the queen of the 10 min. nap.  I come home from school most days feeling like I can not take another step, or even think about cooking dinner….but after that 10 min. nap ( I set the timer to wake me up in 10 min.) I feel like I could harvest dinner from the field and cook it over an open fire……well maybe that’s a little extreme!  But I do feel so much better after the short nap.

“Sandy is thankful for Angie” Now for the rest of the story…….Angie is the dear friend who cleans my house every other Tuesday!

“I went into a store for one item and actually came out with just one item!” Now for the rest of the story…….yes this actually happened to me!  I went in for cream cheese, and came out with just cream cheese……shocking I know!

So now you know, what Facebook does not tell you!  What about you, any interesting status updates?


  1. I don’t do Facebook..only because I told my older two dds that I wouldn’t becaues I trusted them…this was several years ago… I am tempted but…

    only one item?? I don’t think I have ever done that…I usually grab a Diet Coke no matter what! lol

  2. So true Sandy–sometimes that is what I love about FB because it is a mystery but at the same time it can be frustrating because you don’t have the whole story! A friend of mine posted a simple statement of “Big Changes…” Like a dummy I commented and said “oh, wow that’s great I hope it’s good changes!” It ended up being bad news (a divorce) Yikes! Sometimes you don’t want to know!!! 😉

  3. You really went into the grocery store for cream cheese and came out with cream cheese only? I am completely impressed!

    I am not much of a facebook girl. I am on there. But I don’t spend much time there. Blogging is more my addiction of choice :o)

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