Friday Fave Five

Wow hard to believe it’s Friday already!

I had a fun week, how about you?

Some favorites this week included :

#1  A trip to the National Zoo in Washington DC with The Inventor and my niece.  It was a hot day, but we endured, and got to see LOTS of animals.  I once again stood in awe of how each animal is so unique, God is an amazing creator!

zoo pic


#2 I decided to have a fun biking work out with my son on Thurs.  We rode bikes down to the high school weight room for him to lift weights……and yes much to his joy horror, I lifted some too!  I cranked some of those weights all the way up to 50lbs. with 15-20 reps.  Whoa!  LOL.  We then biked to his dentist appointment and then home.  It was a great work out, just trying to keep up with SportTman on all the hills was enough to do me in.  But I loved it!  I realize that I tend to be a bit competitive. 🙂

#3 Finally after years of complaining about the wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom, I did it!  I got rid of it!( Hallelujah chorus should start singing now!) Here are a few before and after shots.  Since SportTman is the main one who will use this bathroom, I hung up a bunch of baseball related pictures.

towel rack old bathroom

peeling old wallpaper

new bathroom

dream it do it

#4 Corn on the Cob….need I say more

#5  Some much needed down time this summer.  It gives me sometime to focus on the other 3 R’s

Relax, Renew, and Revive my weary heart.  Summer has been a good time for me to refocus ( another good R) on the things of the Lord.  I get so busy and I often loose that focus, and don’t take the time I should for the Lord.  So this summer has been good for me, to spend time at the feet of Jesus instead of in defeat!

For more Fun Friday Fave Five please stop by Living to Tell the Story. Susanne is a great host.


  1. I love the DC zoo, too. I’m sure you’re quite the buff mom, lifting weights. 😉 I’ve had corn on the cob this week, too. Love it.Glad you used your summer so wisely for the other 3 R’s. I could use a few more weeks for that before we start homeschooling again, but time’s up.

  2. Sounds like a great week, I like the saying you put over the mirror, I admire people who are good at decorating (I am not one)! I went to the DC zoo many, many years ago and it was nice.

  3. Love the new bath color. I’ll bet SportTman does too. No more pink for him. LOL.

    The pic of the lion is great! We haven’t been to the zoo in quite a few years. Might have to remedy that.

    I only have a couple of weeks off in the summer. It seems I can never get everything into them that I want. How nice that you can use your time to get closer to the Lord over the whole summer. You are very blessed.

  4. I just bought some yummy MN Homegrown sweet corn! Oh my my favorite..besides strawberries and watermelon! I have been spending time focusing on the Lord too… on Thursdays we have Open Sanctuary… I finally attended last night and just got sit and visit with the Lord…it was so good!

  5. I love your blog name! 🙂 The lettering on your walls is neat. I’ve always wanted something like that, but not been brave enough. You’ve given me new inspiration! Great job on the weights! Wow! I’m impressed.

  6. I really enjoyed reading your list. Love that you lifted weights with your son.
    I also love the new look in the bathroom beautiful!.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me to relax, renew, revive and refocus.
    Great list!!

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