MckLinky Blog Hop Photo Fun

I do love to take photos! So when I saw the MckLinky Blog Hop this week was for photo fun. I knew it was time to hop in.  I have so many pictures I don’t know how I can pick just one or two.  🙂  Do you know I have over 8,000 pics on my computer right now…..yes I know, it’s time to burn them to DVD or back up! 🙂

We are a baseball family and this is one of my favorite shots of SporTman sliding back to 2nd base

sliding back to 2nd

I also like the peaceful feeling of this picture.  It just speaks simple, summer fun to me.  The Inventor catching fish at a nearby lake.

M catching stuff at lake

Also on of my latest favorites is in the vacation post below…..SportTma and his friend jumping “off” the mountain!  That was a fun, vacation moment!

See an example of the last photo blog hop here: Also, if you would like me to consider publishing your photos in SeriousLife Magazine (, submit them here:
MckLinky Blog Hop

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  1. Wow, 8,000 photos? Definitely need to get those backed up! Our old laptop died of some virus and we didn’t back up our photos and lost all of them. I’m kicking myself about that! Great photos! Baseball is fun!

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