Not Me Monday


I have not participated in a Not Me Monday in some time, but after a few vintage goofs on my parts I decided to let the world know that us busy women can all be prone to losing their minds at times!  For more NOT ME fun visit MckMamma.

  • It was NOT ME that put my black dress pants on inside out with out realizing it……until I was about to walk out the door to go to my teaching job!    It was a good thing I thought to myself as I glanced down at my pants while drinking my coffee running out the door, “man these pants don’t have a thick stripe going down the side!

  • It was NOT ME that actually encouraged the 6th grade neighbor boy to climb into a dank, dark, drainage tunnel in our neighborhood.  It was NOT ME that held a flashlight as he climbed in………………to rescue my daughter’s pet bunny that had run 30 feet  into the tunnel!  And it was NOT ME that exclaimed to the kid, “Oh I could kiss you!”  when he came out with the bunny.

  • It was NOT ME that slept all night with my contacts in, and had no idea I had done it!  It was NOT ME that woke up the next morning perplexed as to why my eyes were so dry, and painful.  It was NOT ME that actually thought for a split second that maybe God had healed my vision while I slept since I could  see so well.  It was NOT ME that had no idea as to what was wrong with my eyes until I discovered my EMPTY contact case!!

  • It was NOT ME who helped with a cross country team car wash, and “accidentally” sprayed some of the teens with the hose!

Yes, being a busy mom is s fun life, and one of the best cures for the “NOT ME’s” of life is to look back and laugh at yourself! 🙂


  1. totally laughing about you thinking your vision was healed – those “not me” are so funny! Hope Maddy feels better soooon!

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