Friday Fave Five


Friday again, thank goodness!  I have been staying up late this week to watch the Phillies in the World Series. So I am really looking forward to sleeping in a bit this weekend!  It so fun to reflect upon some of my favorites for the past week each Friday.  Thanks to Susanne for coming up with such a insightful meme!

Enjoyed visting my college Alma Mater last weekend for the first time in 20 some years for Homecoming.  The weather was dreadful, humid, windy and rainy.  But rekindling old friendships with my college roomates was priceless.  We even indulged in the infamous pizza joint we always hung out in during college.  It’s still there and it is still making good, greasy food.

Roomies at Sugarbowl

This simple, lovely, pumpkin candle.  A friend gave me this candle last fall.  I just love the smell, and there is something relaxing about lighting a candle at the dinner table on a busy week night.  It seems to soothe and bring a calm to the evening.


I love the view out our bay window this time of year!

view out window

I rediscovered how much I like baked potatoes.  While looking for something simple to go with ham, I threw in the oven some baked potatoes I had gotten at the local farmer’s stand.  Wow, with a bit of sour cream and butter, those fattening babies were delicious!

I am enjoying this book!  It’s FULL of helpful, and practical suggestions on how to feed my family healthy food.  My kids at first wanted to burn the book, but then The Inventor read that Fruit Loops might not be all that bad for you, and she suddenly loved the book and started to read it!


How was your week dear friend?

For more Fun Friday Fave Five, visit Susanne.


  1. A college reunion – how fun!

    Candlelight and golden leaves – some of the sweetest autumn gifts.

    I’m grinning about the Fruit Loops – that was always a special treat around here. I used to say they could eat them for a snack – but not breakfast. Now that they are grown, they are more into healthy food than I am. Things change!

    Happy weekend Sandy!

  2. It looks like you have had a very nice week. I love lighting a scented candle when I know I’m going to be in the house for a while. I like it when my family comes home from out and about and the house smells all wonderful.

  3. great list…especially the view out the window!!
    enjoy your weekend…my list will be up after work…hopefully around 2 pm…and then I gotta get ready for our Family Fall Festival at Claire’s school tonite…..

  4. I love that book. It has really helped me to make better choices. I want to get the companion one that goes with it. It helps in making better choices for eating out.

    Love pumpkin candles. I agree with you that it somehow brings calming influence.

    Sweet that you got to meet up with old friends.

  5. Go Phillies! Gotta beat those Yanks! Enjoy the Series! I love fall candles and college friends are the best…why is that? Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

  6. How fun that you had a college reunion with your friends. I love lighting candles, too – I just need to remember to do it more often.

    The good ol’ baked potato – always a trustworthy friend. I’ve started letting them be our go-to meal on Wednesday nights before church. Easy to cook and clean up. Have a great weekend!

  7. Really? fruit loops aren’t all that bad. Do share…How fun to go back to your college. Cute picture of you and your college roomies. I am glad it is the weekend too. Ready to sleep in.

  8. Your list sounds like a lot of things that I enjoy as well. Like baked potatoes, and getting together with friends from college, all fun things to do. I’ve seen that book and wondered about it, good to hear from someone who has read it.

  9. The college reunion sounds like fun! Gotta love those old faithful places to hang out and eat good food 😉 Thanks for letting us know about the book. I have been wondering about it and now I know. So hopefully I’ll get it soon!

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