Friday Fave Five


I am so thankful for Friday this week!

I was out for a power walk last night and was thinking about my favorite things for the week.  I concluded that I must mention my new socks.  I could not find a good picture of them, but they are Nike socks with arch support and they wick away the sweat ( They are called Dri-Fit).  I just love them, actually if I could I would wear them to school, but since they are white they would look a bit silly with my black dress shoes! 🙂  They are just that comfortable!

Last week was a special sports dress down day at school.   Here is one of my favorite pictures of my son, hubby and I all wearing our Phillies gear.  It’s so fun that we all “go” to the same school!


The Inventor had her cross country banquet this week.  I did the slide show for the banquet.  The latest version of iPhoto has a really cool and EASY theme option called “Shatter” that transitions the pictures automatically.  It was so simple to put the slide show together, and it was a hit with the parents and kids!

My son got these sweet new shoes for basketball season!  And they were purchased by the easiest shopping method I know.  They are the “team” shoe, so he got a huge discount on a quality shoe.  I sent in an order form 2 weeks ago, and he got them at practice last night.  The coach handed them out before practice so they could all wear them.  I loved it, he came home a sweaty basketball player with cool shoes.  I never had to take him out shopping and trying on shoes for hours.  Did I mention that these shoes are HUGE, size 13….. they fit great!

And last, I am heading out the door to school and it’s fruit and doughnut day in the faculty room.  It’s those little treats  in life that seem to go a long way! 🙂

How was your week dear friends???  For more Friday Fave Five please stop by Susanne’s and you must also check out her picture of some wonderful homemade spaghetti sauce!


  1. You are reminding of my teacher days – My kids and I all went to the same school – not hubby though. He’s a pastor. Friday was treat day. My son played on the basketball team and we had such a time fitting him with sneakers – and they were so expensive! I wish we had the same deal as you did – what a relief.

    I also did the slide shows at our school – but I never heard of iPhoto – I’m going to check it out now.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I love Nike socks. Never tried the dry fit. I will have to check those out. Cute philly gear…your family is so cute.
    Wow a size 13? He isn’t even done growing. Yikes. My hubs wears a 14…hard to find shoes.
    Happy Friday my friend.

  3. Those socks sound wonderful. I’ll have to look for some.
    I’ve never used iPhoto – maybe I should try.
    Size 13? Wowsa.
    Fruit and doughnuts–I’d be all over the doughnuts. 🙂

  4. That’s neat that you all go to the same school!

    The socks sound great.

    Thankfully my son’s coach took them shoe-shopping last year — and thankfully his basketball shoes still fit this year!

  5. love your list…those socks sound good for hiking?? yes??
    that is so cool that you all work/go to same school….my Courtney would be mortified if I taught at her school tho…guess it’s good I do kindergarten :)and a “special” one at that 🙂

    talk to you soon…yes am a bit better…..thanks for your comment and prayers….

  6. I love team shoes, too. It’s so nice when the coach does everything and I just have to send the check … course that part hurts sometimes …

    Hope you enjoyed your fruit and doughnut day!

  7. I’m going to have to look for those socks! A few years ago I bought a 3 pack of athletic socks that I didn’t realize at the time HAD arch support. Of course the minute I put the first pair ON I knew it and they were wonderful! However… my daughters discovered them and they disappeared and when I went back to Lady Foot Locker to try to find them again I couldn’t and the sales clerk didn’t know a THING about them. So now I’m going on a HUNT! LOL! (I had started to think they were in my imagination!)

    I used to LOVE when my kids and I all went out the door together in the morning heading to the same place. I miss that.

    You had a great week!

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