Friday Fave Five

I can not believe it’s Friday already!

For more Friday Favs please stop by and visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

Some interesting Faves this week;

Last weekend my kids attended a national purity/modesty conference for teens.  It’s called Pure Freedom, I love the object lessons they do to promote sexual purity.  The girl group even had a fashion show with trendy, modest clothes.  The Inventor got picked to model one of the outfits.  I truly believe the entire conference from the speakers to the activities and the energetic worship all had a huge impact on my kids life.  The only big complaint was, there was NOT enough food!  If Pure Freedom comes your way, send your kids if they are 12 and over!

I made this yummy pumpkin bread this week.  As far as I am concerned you can never go wrong with pumpkin bread.  I also add a little orange glaze to the top of the loaf.  I  mix 1 1/2 c. of powdered sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of OJ and orange zest together and pour over the top of the bread.  Mmmmmmmmm!

This post is also one of my faves this week!

Basketball season starts today!  SportTman has tryouts this week for the JV team, they asked him as a 9th grader to tryout for the JV team, not the 9th grade team.  I am thinking the fact that he is approaching 6 ft 2 in. may have something to do with it!!! 🙂

And this Fave is actually something that is coming up this weekend.  Our quaint small town has several church bazaars this weekend.  The Inventor and I have been going to the same 2 church bazaar for years.  It’s become a nice little tradition for the two of us.  I am really looking forward to a Mom/Daughter day at the Christmas bazaars.

And I must also mention another quick fav this week…..Drums and I  escaped the usual weekday chaos and went to a wonderful restaurant literally 3 min away that serves the best homemade desserts.  We went for dessert and coffee one night and really enjoyed our short, but needed date night!

How was your week dear friends???


  1. Sandy, you are right! Those rides to school held some of the dearest moments I spent with my children! When life gets SO busy with work/school/church/sports/etc… those quiet morning chats when everyone is feeling rather peaceful can be just the BEST!

    Have fun at the bazaars this weekend!

  2. I agree about rides to school. We had some great conversations there, especially with one son who didn’t really open up at other times. I missed that when they started driving.

    Those church bazaars sound like fun. I wish they had them here.

    That conference sounds like a good thing.

    I haven’t made pumpkin bread yet, but that looks so good.

    My youngest made the JV team this year. They’ve been practicing and have their first game in a couple of weeks.

  3. I hope that PureFreedom is still around doing conferences when Our New Boy turns twelve!

    A little weeknight date, with dessert and coffee too. Perfect!

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. I have never heard of the Pure Freedom conferences…I hope they come to NYS… there a website for them??

    Love your list….that bread looks yummy!!!

  5. Love the name of your blog! Sounds like a great week so far, anything that involves a date night with dessert and coffee can’t be bad. Nice to meet you through this meme.

  6. Friday snuck up on me this week, too. The “Pure Freedom” conference sounds wonderful. I’ll be on the lookout for one near me. Sounds like something my daughter would enjoy and benefit from.

  7. That is truly awesome that you get that extra time to talk in the mornings. What a blessing.

    I love pumpkin bread anytime. I’ve never tried it with orange glaze. I’m definitely going to try that out.

    Have a wonderful time at the bazaars. I always loved going to those too.

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