It’s a tradition, It’s a legend, It’s FUN!

My daughter had her infamous cookie baking party this past weekend.  It was her 7th annual party, yep she is 12, and we started this tradition when she was a mere 5 years old. Back then I had no idea  it would turn into such a heartwarming annual event.  The girls bake cookies for about 2-3 hours and then invite their moms to enjoy the array of cookies and a hot beverage.  To keep matters moving The Inventor and I usually make several of the cookies doughs the night before.  Even that is enjoyable, as we were making dough this past Friday, The Inventor looks over at me and say, “This is fun Mom, I like doing this with you!”  Ah yes, those endearing moments that every Mom LOVES!

So dear friends, if your kids are still little start a fun tradition this Christmas, something they can cling to and you can savor as the years go on.  I remember our first cookie party the girls talked about their dolls, playing dress up and how they couldn’t wait to see and serve their mommies!  This year the conversation was more focused on cell phones, boys and Taylor Swift and no mention of their moms!    And that is what I enjoy most about it, I have seen the girls grow, and change through the years.   And that is something this mom can savor, it does my heart good each year to have the girls over.

Here are some pictures of cookie parties past and present, if you look closely you will see a lot of the same faces!

And this year, the girls have grown so much, and make so many more Christmas treats, we moved everything downstairs.  We covered the pool table ( Shh don’t tell hubs what we did with is manly pool table), and put all the cookies on there. 🙂

Here they are going a bit crazy….as 12 & 13 year  old girls tend to do!

It snowed during the party for the first time in 7 years, and of course the girls had to go out in their bare feet and “enjoy” the snow!


  1. Jayne just told me today that Casie chose “The Inventor’s” party over her cousin’s dance performance because she hasn’t missed a cookie party yet. You have the pics to prove it!

  2. What a lovely idea – and those cookies looks delicious.

    Its nice looking at snow when it is hot here at the moment (we are enjoying summer in the southern hemisphere!!

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