It Still Stands!

Here From Friday Fave Five??  Go HERE.  Silly me, I left the wrong link.  I love this post, but it’s not a Friday Fave Five post. 🙂

I love the town I live in.  There is SO much to love about it!

There is this wonderful smelling chocolate factory, that makes a tasty little sensation called a Wilbur Bud. And let me assure you these little gems are SO much better than Hershey Kisses.

There is my FAVORITE place to stop for a good cup of Green Mountain coffee and a true NY style bagel.

And I love Main Street, with its quaint, unique shops and cafes.

The park in the center of town, is filled with mature trees, a natural spring fed stream, lots of picnic tables, gazebos and play equipment to make any kid happy.  I spent many days at this park pushing my kids on the swings!

BUT THIS picture is what truly sets my town apart.  Is this simple, traditional Nativity right in the center of town!

Yes indeed, IT STILL STANDS right in the middle of the town square.  The other day I sat at the traffic light in town at exactly noon, and glanced over at that endearing nativity as “Little Drummer Boy” played on the town bell tower.

That dear Nativity was the center of controversy about 15 years ago.  And things may not be what they are today.  But let me just briefly indulge you in a wonderful Christmas story.

The ACLU made a case that such a religious symbol could not be portrayed on public property, and should not be set up by our town’s public works crew each year.  The town was devastated, it looked as if our heirloom nativity would soon be gone.  BUT  a local law firm got involved and researched the property the Nativity is displayed on, in the center of town.

It was discovered that the town square is STILL legally owned by the Moravian Church that founded this town in the 1700’s!!

So now each year members of that church and a local group committed to keep Christ in the center of our town, diligently set up the Nativity each year the week after Thanksgiving.

And so, It Still Stands in the middle of my town.   Such a visual reminder to me of the true meaning of Christmas each year.   A reminder of how God can  work to allow that dear Creche to STILL be displayed each year boldly in the center of my town!

And that is one reason why I love my town and why I humbly serve a mighty King born in a lowly manger this Christmas! 🙂


  1. On Friday, Jayne, Casie and I killed a little bit of time at Cafe Chocolate before heading to Ty’s b-ball game. That was pre-snowfall but I still adored Main St Lititz!

  2. GORGEOUS town and I love the story about the Nativity….thanks for sharing this….it is just beautiful..if I don’t get back here or on FB this week, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!! all have tons of snow….we have grass and just small pile of snow at end of driveways that didn’t melt before the cold snap arrived. ENJOY the week…

  3. What a great post and what a great little town….I attended my grandson’s Christmas program at school and found not one Christian song. I was so disappointed…
    But we will make it happen out here.

  4. Love your town. You don’t live all that far from where I grew up:) The town looks so picturesque and charming.
    That is interesting that the property is still owned by the Moravian church…so the nativity stands! That is a great Christmas story.

  5. Do you KNOW that this is the link you left at Susanne’s this morning? This is a great post though! It makes a GREAT Fave 5! I WAS kinda wondering though if the Nativity is STILL up in February!? I love that story! And Dosie Dough looks like a great place to enjoy coffee and NOT doughnuts on a day when that snow is gone! Mmm hmm…

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