Friday Fave Five

Beautiful Spring is here!  How about in your neck of the woods??

I have the windows open as I sit to type this……..nice!

I must admit I have been a horrible blogger the last month, things have just been too busy for us!  But as you can see from my first fave of the week, I am thinking things may get a bit better!!! 🙂

One of my favorites this week, was unexpected time at home ALONE!!!  It turns out that both of my kids started spring sports and have practice right after school.  So after school I come home to an empty house for a little over an hour.  It has been a nice way t to ease into our busy season of life!

Our family also joined the local rec center.  The center recently completed some rather extravagant renovations.  It now has a top of the line weight and cardio area.  And I must admit, even this, “I must be OUTSIDE to get a good work out in!”  girl likes this INDOOR facility.  I have been a workout maniac for 2 weeks now.  I am enjoying it.  And I am certain I will soon be able to show off my buff muscles and stomach six pack!

I made this simple change in our front foyer…..winter to spring!

I found this in our front yard the other day….another sign that spring is on the way!  Baseball is always a fave of mine!

I have been devouring this sweet and salty kettle popcorn all week!  It’s quite a YUMMY/ addicting snack!  Wish you could join me for some!

For more Friday Fave Five stop by and visit Susanne.  She is ALWAYS a great host!


  1. I am taking a two week blogging fasting break…but wanted to do at least reply to the Fridays! I love the little breaks when you are done work and kids are at sports. I will get that next with Lydia… and will get about 2 hours! I love your foyer picutre,,, how refreshing! Yeah for outside excersise! I am going to reveal a cool to me thing on my blog next week,,, but need to try it out this week,,,,Have a great week!

  2. I wish I could join you for some too! And I don’t even LIKE Kettle Corn! I would just like to visit!

    I love that you are enjoying that new gym so much! I wish I could get back to one… I really DO! But I continue to pedal and use my little free weights for strengthening. I plug along! But I LOVE machines and just wish I could DO that again! I guess I could if I was willing to go at night. But my best workout is early afternoon – right after lunch, and to go to a gym THEN is just impossible right now.

    Time ALONE is always a treat! YAY for you!!!

    I missssssss my boys playing baseball! Luz will be starting soccer on Monday though – so I will get to go to some soccer games again soon! I wish my MEN would play baseball or softball though… they enjoyed it sO much as kids… and I did too!

    It’s good to see you this week!

  3. I’m very excited to have spring arrive here too. We had a couple weeks of lovely weather and then boom, snow yesterday. So typical around here, but it’s already almost all melted.

    That rec center sounds like fun and it’s so neat that you go as a family!

    I love kettle corn.

  4. MMmm….Kettle Corn! A definite fave of mine because it has salty and sweet all wrapped up in one.

    Isn’t spring great? I’ve got windows open as well and plan to get outside and do yard work this weekend, though we do have a forecast of rain possibly mixed with snow tomorrow. Maybe my yard work will have to wait at least another day. 😉

  5. I love time alone, too. I may regret it one day, but for now, when I can get alone time, I’m happy with it! I love your spring décor. I’m so glad winter is over. Have a great weekend.

  6. yeah for quiet houses after a day in the classroom!
    love the spring look for your entry way table 🙂
    i am totally into my spring decorations this year and winter here in NY wasn’t even that bad!! enjoy the weekend…do you guys have spring break from good friday until the week after Easter??

  7. How wonderful to have a nice gym to go to. I prefer exercising outdoors as well, but sometimes its just more efficient at the gym.

    That kettle corn sounds yummy!

  8. Kettlecorn–love it! Isn’t it wonderful to come home to a quiet house and just relax, even for a little while? And it looks like you’ll get that most of the spring, right? I can see it now, every week on FFF, #1–time alone!

    Have a great spring equinox weekend!

  9. Mmmm. I would join you for kettlecorn!

    I love the table change. It’s so refreshing just to get rid of the snowy decor! I’ve been decorating with the daffodils that are plentiful in my yard.

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