THREE more days!!!!

Three more days until ScHoOl is OUT for the summer!!!!!!!!

Oh I can almost see it………..

Lazy mornings reading the newspaper and drinking coffee on the deck

Reading a few good books (any good suggestions?)

Exercise on a regular basis

getting a few home projects done

Make strawberry jam

Eating LOTS of fresh fruit


And time to READ blogs!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!!!


  1. I am hearing you Sandy! The end of this year has been bittersweet for is the last day and is a work day… I hope to be back in my car by noon.. Have a great weekend…and great last few days!

    How far do you live from NYC?

  2. not fair! you get out before me….wahh…..:)
    Seriously, I am SOOO ready for summer vacation for almost all of the same reasons, plus hiking, kayaking, and touring college campuses with our oldest.
    I am PRAYING that NYS has better weather than last year! July was the pits last year….so dreary and humid. ick.

    I expect a great summer and if you DO come back to the ADKS PLEASE Let me know ahead of time….would love to meet you!

    Good books? I’ve read several this past winter (I hibernate in winter so had lots of time to read altho I also read alot in summer months). The Wednesday Sisters was very good as was The Secret (on my fave five list for the week). I have a book list of finished books on my sidebar..feel free to take a peek….I enjoyed all of them! Happy reading!

  3. Sounds like you’ve got your Summer lined out. Teachers work so hard and deserve that break! My work doesn’t afford me Summers off, but we do have Summer hours. I will be working 8-6 Mon – Thurs and off every Friday in June and July! So, I AM counting my Fridays! ~ Have a terrific last few days of school!

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