Friday Fave Five

Ah yes Friday!  Pretty excited about it being FRIDAY this week!

What a week it has been!

Started with a dead battery at SporTman’s baseball tournament over the weekend.  I was about an hour from home and wasn’t sure what to do.  I called AAA, and they arrived with in 15min to help.  They determined it was in fact a dead battery, so they were able to put in a new battery right there on the spot!  About an hour later I was back driving the vehicle.  And to think I had almost dropped my AAA membership recently!

I am also thankful for a dear blogging friend Lisa at Lisa Notes.  As I posted in an earlier post our family is struggling with an unexpected crisis right now.  And dear Lisa has been praying for us and sent several helpful books to me in the mail!  It’s women like Lisa that make me just love the blogging community even more!!

Another dear friend stopped over the other night with a bag full of yummy goodies.  God must have known I needed a little encouragement and she sent a friend loaded with yummy pumpkin whoppie pies, and some delicious coffee and a ton of other treats!

A power walk outside tonight under the full moon, is another favorite.  It was a beautiful night, with a slight cool fall breeze.  It did this mom good to get out for a walk!

And last and certainly not least… family is the greatest.  As I have mentioned our family is dealing with a tough health issue right now ( so sorry I just can’t blog about it quite yet, but do email  or facebook me for more info).  Well my entire extended family came for a visit.  Made my weekend!  So nice to feel so supported!

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  1. Sandy, I don’t need details unless you want to share them… just know that I will be praying for your family – and God knows your needs, so that is good enough! I’m so GLAD that the blogging community has been able to BLESS you – and I agree that Lisa is quite a gal! I thoroughly enjoy her!

    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! YUM!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear your family is having health issues. My thoughts and prayers to you. I’m glad that you lots of support both from friends in real life and bloggy friends.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some health troubles. I’m saying a prayer for you right now – that the Lord will continue to keep His hand on you and your family, and fill you with His peace and the knowledge of His incomparably great power toward us who believe.

    Emails, visits, treats – so glad you’re being surrounded with love and care.

  4. I am so sorry for the current crisis, but glad God has worked so wonderfully through people to minister to you.

    You had better service from AAA than we did! Glad they came through for you fairly soon.

  5. It sounds like you have found support on many fronts, bloggers and friends. Its wonderful when we form community like that. I hope things get better for you soon.

  6. It sounds like you have had an up and down week. But the friends and the blessings that they bring to our lives are so encouraging and amazing. I hope things settle down a bit for you and that this weekend is a little more relaxed.

  7. What a huge blessing to have your entire extended family visit! Their support will mean so much to you for a long time to come. I hope God will just AMAZE you at how he will make sure your needs are met and that your family is cared for. I know you’re putting your faith in him.

    Loved the earlier post about your husband being a cheerleader. Made me smile. Your family most definitely is a light in your community. Wish there were tons more just like you. Keep the faith!

  8. AAA is a wonderful thing to have. It has certainly helped us out of some unexpected jams over the years. Sorry to read about the crisis going on. I pray it resolves well.

  9. Hallelujah for family and friends!!
    Am still praying for you and your family…

    love your list…you sound so upbeat amidst your dealings with the unexpected health issue….that is to the glory of God….you are a positive example my dear blogging friend!

    Hugs to you
    ps yes the lake placid area had a dusting of snow…all gone now

  10. How great to have everyone there, and to feel their love and support. So sweet. I’m praying for your family.

    AAA is the greatest in my book.

    Your smile and hope and blessings shine through this post, even in the midst of troubles. Thanks!

  11. Blog friends are the best. They support us and hold us up in prayers like no other. Praying for you my friend. I was so thankful for Friday too. Last week was a long one.
    I hate dead batterys and car trouble but we have AAA and I love them. So helpful.

  12. Just wanted you to know I am praying, God knows the details -and can take it from there. Asking for peace and wisdom as you go through this season in your lives.
    God Bless You

  13. Thanks for this wonderful blog posts. I can see that God is really at the center of your family relationship. I’ll be more than happy to pray for you and your family. God bless you! ☺

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