Weird Week -Friday Fave Five

So this has just been a weird week, I have been all out of sorts.  The high school I teach at had early dismissals at 1:00 all week due to mid-terms, we have a snow day today, we got out early yesterday for snow…….Friday will be my only normal, full day of school all week.  And to top it all off we are leaving for a special ski trip on Sunday…..
But my Friday Fave Five must go on……..I will push through snow, tiredness, PMS,  a Cinnamon Roll overdose and an extreme sock and glove matching marathon to bring you my Friday Fave Five!
So this is me!  Yep every wife who is married to a sweet husband, but one who suffers to soon in life from the horrors of Alzheimer’s must do something like this every once in a while!!! 🙂  It’s much better than therapy!  We had a blast sledding at a nearby hill on our snow day Thursday!
A dear christian women who I don’t even know sent me this devotional in the mail. “Stream in the Desert” by L.B Cowman.  I am really enjoying it, the words seem to jump from the pages to my heart!  What a gem it is and so is the lady who sent it to me!
I have found this really cool support group on facebook, called “Memory People”  It’s a great way to hear form others who deal with Alzheimer’s and there are many there who also have Early Onset!  Which is nice, cuz sometimes I feel like I am the only person on the planet dealing with this….

Curt has become an picture taking junkie since being home.  And two of his recent sports pics were even published in our local small town paper.  This has been so good for him and it keeps him busy.
There are so many things he can still do, and do well, that it is nice to focus on those things also!
He also still does our finances,  is now the clean up the dishes expert, shovels a mean driveway, planned and booked a ski trip for us and can still play drums with the best of them!

And lastly do pray for us, we are heading to Vermont for our ski vacation. You can read more about how it was paid for here.
Curt really wanted to take the kids while he can still ski.  Please pray that it will be a good memory maker for all of us.  Pray for safety as we drive ( our van does have 4 wheel drive!), since I know I will be driving a lot of the trip ( Usually I read, and sleep while Curt drives).  Safety for everyone skiing ( I can’t ski anymore I have a torn ACL in my knee) and pray for Tyler and Madi that they will be patient with Curt’s difficulties….easier for me, but harder for 2 teens! We cherish your prayers!!

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  1. yup….you got it Sandy! still praying as is my Moms group…..have fun on your ski trip!!! you’ll be close 🙂 (well closer than where you live!).

    love the sledding pics…..we actually had school all week!! (other than my teen who only had 2 mid terms..she loves being a senior!)…..that devo book looks great and praise God for people who encourage!!

  2. Oh man sledding looks fun…but I am sure I wouldn’t be able to walk afterward! Having a wonderful memory making Ski Trip! This will be a great test of your physical and mental strength! God is good!

  3. Your photo reminds me of that cruise commercial where the kids are in complete awe of their mom who is on a WaveRunner. They can’t believe “Mom caught air!!”. That is you on a saucer!!! ha ha

  4. Love that you’ll still get out in the snow like that. 🙂 Looks like fun. Praying for your trip–may God bless you with GREAT memories that you’ll keep for a long time to come.
    Love you,

  5. Hey Sandy, Praying for you this weekend as you anticipate your upcoming ski trip! Praising God that your children are old enough to remember these good family bonding times despite the challenges. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Visiting from Susanne’s blog – it’s nice to meet you. Definitely praying for you and your family as you set out on this vacation – I hope you will all have a wonderful time. I love the sledding pictures – what fun!! Oh and I do like the name of your blog!!

  7. Have a wonderful time. Praying that God blesses you with memories to hold on to. I did go back and read older posts. Your journey is one that not one of us would choose, but, I pray that it only brings you closer to our dear Heavenly Father.

    As for the picture of you sledding…I was very tempted yesterday to go out and have some fun but the old lady in me talked me out of it. Maybe next time. Your photo is great!

  8. “An extreme sock and glove matching marathon” cracked me up!

    Praying you’ll have a safe time and wonderful memories to cherish. Loved the pictures of you sledding. (And it’s so awesome that your hubby is taking pictures and having success with it. That is neat.)

    Happy skiing!

  9. Sledding and cinnamon rolls might JUST be enough to overshadow PMS. 🙂 I’m so glad that your husband has things that he can still do and do well; I imagine that helps to keep his spirits up.

    Praying for a safe trip and wonderful family time!

  10. Loved to see Curt up there playing the drums a week or so ago in church…he did a great job! Have fun skiing!

  11. I so know while you were flying down hill everything had left your mind. Peace be with you, and i’ll pray for your safe family trip. Enjoy and have fun.

  12. I used to love sledding. I haven’t done that in years now. Were you able to sled even with your bad knee?

    Hoping and praying that your trip has been a wonderful memory maker.

    How wonderful to be surrounded by supportive people on the Internet and from people you don’t really know.

  13. So glad for all your fun activities and so glad Curt has many good outlets. I am a big fan of photography myself. It is a great in so many ways. I hope he keeps up with that. ~ Blessings and safe travels on your ski trip!

  14. Hi Sandy…. Hope you remember me I am Erica and Jordan’s mom. I just found your website, so I was able to have some of the blanks filled in of things I did not know from what I had learned at work about Curt’s illness. All I can say is Oh My…. God Bless You All!!! Please know that there has been one more prayer added going heaven ward from Warwick. Hope you all have a wonderful ski weekend full of memory making moments…. Debbie

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