FAQ Interview #2

Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog– I am back again this week talking with Sandy.  If you missed our first interview together click here to see this riveting interview.

Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog (JaDCB) – So how was your week Sandy since we last chatted…..and the burning question we all want to know is, did you truly get to the Rec Center to work out four times last week?

Sandy -(coming down the steps carrying a laundry basket, Sandy lays it down to chat with me)

Ha Ha, yeah thanks for asking about the Rec.  It was a miracle, I did get there four times last week!!  Tyler has been back lifting now that basketball is over, so I went with him one day.  Madi wants to get in shape for spring lacrosse, so I went with her and her friends one day.  And then Curt and I went one day, and I went once on my own.  I am thinking it’s going to be hard to repeat that accomplishment this week!

JaDCB – So you and Curt hit the Rec one day, was it your big Valentines Day date?

Sandy – No Valentines Day trip to the Rec.  We actually went out for his birthday and Valentines Day over the weekend.  We had a very nice dinner together at a local restaurant.  I indulged in a grilled chocolate sandwich!! That is why I had to go to the Rec so much! Ha ha

And speaking of Valentines Day…..I must tell you this story……it’s an endearing one…. one that continues to warm my heart.  For years Curt has given his “little sweetie” (Madi) a rose at Valentines Day, the last several years he has been giving her 3-4 roses in a pretty vase.  Madi decided several years ago that she would dry and save all the rose petals from her cherished Valentines gift………and then the day she gets married she will adorn the aisle she walks down with them!  Yes these roses continue to be a treasure, and I have a feeling they will be a real keepsake in the future!

JaDCB– Well that Curt sure is a good guy!  Geez he is a nice guy, thoughtful, kindhearted and sure can play the drums….heck what can’t he do!?!

Oooops my bad, probably not a good way to say that…….

Sandy – No problem JaDCB, let me tell ya…Curt and I are hard to offend.  We take things in stride and don’t get too worked up about stuff like that.  People often mess up in how they say things to me, it may come across as insensitive or offensive to some, but don’t worry we are cool with it all.  We realize that it can sometimes be a bit awkward to know what to say to a family who suffers from Alzheimer’s at age 46.  We realize most of you don’t have experience in this department!

As a matter of fact someone asked me recently if Curt would still remember them?  I smiled and said of course, he is still in the early stages of Alzheimer’s so don’t worry about it.  I realize this is new for lots of you also.

Here let me put on my teacher hat for a moment…….

The way I understand it there are basically 7 stages of Alzheimer’s, Curt appears to be between stage 3 and 4.  During stage 3 you MAY see things like this;

  • Noticeable problems coming up with the right word or name
  • Trouble remembering names when introduced to new people (Um how many of us already do this!!)
  • Having noticeably greater difficulty performing tasks in social or work settings Forgetting material that one has just read, and taking longer to accomplish a task
  • Losing or misplacing a valuable object or objects frequently
  • Increasing trouble with planning or organizing

But remember I said MAY.  I am also quick to learn that each person with Alzheimer’s is SO different from the other.  This particular list says nothing about spatial concepts that continue to elude Curt.  But this description does seem to fit many of the things he is doing.

JaDCB – Well that is helpful.  I am sure you are learning so much through all of this.


Sandy – Yes I am!  Geez too bad I can’t get a degree in something for all I am learning!

JaDCB– By the way I notice you seem to update your blog about once a week…is that what seems to work best for you?

Sandy – Yes I would like to update it more but life is BUSY!!  And with spring sports coming I know it will get MUCH busier, actually I am a bit nervous about keeping track of everything this spring….so please pray for my sanity and for my brain to work well!  Some days I just take all the same supplements I give Curt hoping to keep my brain working overtime! 🙂

A new friend sent me a copy of her devotional for the day ( along with some dark chocolate and a bath fizzy!!)  These words continue to be etched in my mind this week are taken from her devotional book, “Jesus Calling.”

“When anxiety attempts to wedge its way into your thoughts, remind yourself that I am your Shepherd!”  Yes, the Good Shepherd is just what I need to cling to these days!


  1. Sandy,
    Excellent teacher idea….teach your “students” about Alzheimers through an interview.
    Continuing to pray for you and your family. I will especially pray that God gives you the necessary “oomph” to get through your busy Spring schedule.

  2. Sandy – I’m Sue Bomberger’s sister. You worked together at ..I think..Bonfield. You have a lovely blog. Thank you for sharing your journey – as it is an inspiration to others. My husband Sam and I are praying for you and your husband and family.

    Wishing you peace for this day ~ Patti ~

  3. enjoyed reading this…i’m home now from boston….finally getting around to reading some blogs, etc. HOpe you got my msg from Facebook! Have a great week Sandy

  4. the rose story was very touching – I can picture the rose petals and her walking through them. What a treasure!
    I’m sitting here thinking who can I share that with so that they can do it with their little girl!
    Praying for you guys!

  5. Wait…grilled chocolate sandwhich? That sounds a bit too delightful! The rose petal idea took my breath away… past present and future!

    Sandy…thanks for sharing what you can about your new normal life. Gods presence is so strong in your words!

    Continue to take care of yourself!

  6. Loved reading this. I’ve been swamped this week and haven’t been reading blogs much.

    The rose petals story is absolutely precious. Oh my. Better start stocking up on tissues now for her wedding day!

    I had not heard about the 7 stages – I need to see where my sister fits in.


  7. Hi, I”m Kerri Turners from Lancaster mother. Our family has been praying since Kerri shared your story. You are helping so many people by expressing all the emotions that take place in the entire family with chronic illness. Thank you so very much!

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