Because the moment will be gone in a flash……….

The Moment….the present, the here and NOW. I notice more and more how important the present time is to all of us.

This is our time, our time to cherish, relish, and make the best of our life and situation.

But…………..I can assure you that does not always happen.

Emotions can get in the way and seem to consume us.  Frustrations seem bigger.  Suddenly out of nowhere, tears begin to surface.  Anger rears it’s ugly head.  Teenage emotions/hormones suddenly erupt into the chaos of the moment.

Alzheimer’s is not a pretty disease.  It robs you of so much more than just memories.  It steals your motivation, your confidence, your ability to reason.

There are good days, difficult moments, frustrating times…….BUT through it all we are a family!  And we need to support, pray for and help each other along this difficult journey.

And that is where Ashley came to our rescue!

This wonderful young lady took some amazing family photos for us.  They capture US…..our goofiness, silliness, humor and LOVE.

These pictures are so much more than just a nice family picture.  They represent

our unity

the struggles we face TOGETHER

our LOVE for each other

a moment in time

So please allow me to indulge you in some of these memory makers.  They mean so much to me!

This was taken at the church we got married at over 22 years ago.

Standing ON TOP of the high school baseball dug out. 🙂

My big baseball boy…I really love these shots, they capture Tyler!

My sweet  girl…looking so much older than 14!

Me and my girl Madi… you see the Amish buggy that was going by in the background!?  I just love this pic.

The woods behind our house…..always one of my favorite places.  It’s so peaceful and calm back there.  A refuge from

the storm of life!


Thank you Ashley…..isn’t she the greatest.  And such a beautiful young lady!

For more pics PLEASE check out Ashley’s photography blog, she did such a nice write up on our family and you can also see more family pics.

I borrowed the name of her blog for the title of this post.

Check out her site by clicking the link below.

Because the moment will be gone in a flash.

Thank You Ashley for giving us the gift of a memory

a photo


  1. These are just beautiful Sandy!! I”ve been thinking of you soooo much this summer..and praying when I do think of you. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your family…..peace and love to you! Hugs, Faith

  2. So glad I happen to read your blog again today. Love these pic’s and the stuff you shared! Thinking of you and praying for you. Hugs ~ Amy

  3. Oh my! These are fantastic! What an amazing friend and photographer Ashley is. I pray her business goes well. And I continue to keep your sweet family close in prayer…

  4. I am so impressed with these photo’s of all of you. It shows the warmth, the
    closeness, joy, love, and respect for one another. Your Mom sent me ones
    earlier and she just sent me these on your blog. I just had to tell you how much
    I enjoyed them Since we don’t see you very often, Maddie looks more like16 yrs. and so pretty. Tyler, I am sure has the girls after him. This summer must have been rough traveling for his games, but fun too.
    and I am sure you are very proud. Curt you look so great and happy,and the two
    of you are such a sweet couple! Love and Blessings to all of you, Aunt Carol

  5. Your blog is beautiful! Your pics are beautiful! Your family is beautiful! I feel like it’s been a long times since I visited and did no know about the trials y’all are facing. I’m so sorry! It is always an honor to pray, and we will remember you often.

  6. As long as we have memories, yesterday remains. As long as we have hope, tomorrow waits. As long as we have love, today is beautiful. ~ @TheNotebook

  7. On November 26, 2010 I wrote yours and Curt’s name in my prayer journal. It’s still there. I don’t mark prayer requests off until there has been an answer. We both know this is an ongoing longterm thing. Your names will be there for maybe years to come. I prayed just this morning. My dad has deteriorated some, has started going to memory care classes three times a week. He doesn’t even remember having gone to the class just a few hours after he has been there. Will it help? I don’t know, but it gives him something to do during the afternoons, and while he is in his memory care, my mother goes to physical therapy. These are some of the blessings of having them in a transitional living center. Dad is 84. Mom will be 82 soon. Anyway, the picutres are lovely. You will cherish these for years to come, I know. So glad for the joy I see in your faces! If there is ever anything you need specific or urgent prayer for, please do not hesitate to email me. Grace an peace.

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