Homerun and A Heavenly Home

Tyler trotted around the bases during his Varsity baseball season this year with excitement, eventually tagging home plate as the team erupted into an impromptu celebration. It was his his first high school home run.

Reaching home as a sophomore was a reason to celebrate!

We traveled a ton this summer, new cities, new hotels, baseball games, lots of excitement.  But  I can tell you there was always such anticipation, joy and relief when I walked through the door of our home after days in a hotel coupled with lots of driving.  Dorothy’s words from The Wizard of Oz really took on new meaning.  “There is NO place like HOME, there is no place like home……”  I still recall the great relief I felt as I slowly sank into my favorite chair at home after a long road trip.  I LOVE MY HOME , I love my home……I would think to myself!

I must say I did not indulge in Black Friday shopping this year, I was too immersed in the Thanksgiving fun at my brother’s house to bother with it. Somehow shopping for hours on Friday after Thanksgiving really had no appeal to me.  I really enjoyed having FUN at my brothers house so much more than frantic shopping!  Uncle Scott’s go kart is always more fun than shopping for more stuff. 🙂

So the question is, what do Black Friday shopping, my desire to be at home and Tyler’s home run all have in common?  Yes we answer the big questions of life here at Jesus and Dark Chocolate! 🙂

I had such a strong  desire to go home after being on the road so much this summer.  Home to my refuge, my place rest, and peace and comfort.  And as we all did with Tyler’s home run, going home is also a reason to celebrate!! 

  ………..I am learning a lot these days about going Home…..about the importance of Home!  And I am not talking about my physical home here on earth,  I am talking about a heavenly Home.

With Curt’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease I see a whole focus shift for him.  His eyes are heavenly.  When I routinely asked him what he wants for Christmas……he replied “besides a few Eagles (football team) shirts, really nothing.”  He knows those things are not going with him to heaven.  And that is what they are….things, stuff, they have NO real eternal value.  He is buying and preparing for Heaven not for earth.

And as even I hate to admit this, my new, lovely Keurig coffee machine that I truly worship each morning, really has no lasting value.  Sure it brings me joy each morning as I put that little k cup in, and behold, with in moments my morning addiction awaits me. But it really has no eternal value.

HOME, yes our heavenly HOME is so much greater than Ty’s home run.  My heavenly HOME is so much greater than my cozy, refuge I currently call home.  And all those great deals you got on Black Friday and my sweet Keurig coffee machine truly have little to no lasting value. 

Yes I am thankful for Curt’s perspective.  It’s a wonderful reminder to me this Holiday season of the things that truly matter. 

Jesus sent to earth as a tiny baby, He grew to be the Savior of the world. 

HOME, our heavenly HOME, that perspective from Curt, is a wonderful Gift this Christmas season!

Thanks friends for all your encouragement, prayers and hugs!



  1. It is a beautiful perspective. I saw it in my Dad as he faced serious health challenges in his final years…he was young…he died at 58. I am convinced it is God given.

  2. When my first husband died I was 32, our son 5. The last year of my husband’s life he really started to get this perspective. I remember a verse he wrote down….

    However, as it is written:
    “What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
    and what no human mind has conceived”—
    the things God has prepared for those who love him— 1 Corinthians 2:9

    We truly are pilgrims on a journey, for a time, on this earth. One day we will be HOME and will know true peace and joy. Thank you, Jesus.

    Sandy, you have no idea all the people that you (and your family) have touched by your personal testimony. As painful as this walk can sometimes be….He is with you all the way.

    Living In His Grace, Dawn

  3. Sandy! so good to see you blogging…..I loved reading this….great perspective. like you, i had NO desire to do black friday shopping but early in the afternoon my oldest (oh how I’ve missed her while she’s been away!!) and i decided to dash over to a shoe store near the beach house and get some good deals on shoes and boots. we really needed that time with just the 2 of us. LIke you, I’m learning that our stuff is just…..stuff…….i treasure my times at home, and am looking forward to going Home one day! thanks for posting this!!

  4. I think many people get to that “place” faster than others. Some people are “forced” into it, and some people get there in their own sweet time. What a feeling of peace to have that perspective.

  5. Never thought black Friday was all that it was cracked up to be – besides it was too nice of a day outside! Good choice Sam and good thoughts on the hope that Christ has given us and the reality that this is not our true home. Sounds like you had a really nice Thanksgiving at Scotts. Love you, Ann

  6. Amen. I have been sorta grossed out by the complete excess I see every time I go to a store or see a catalog. So much stuff. Seems like the older I get the sweeter heaven is, and especially as I watch my sister declines. “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.” Hugs.

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  8. It is certain that as people get older they seem to detatch themselves spiritually from consumer distractions. I think this is a normal part of preparing for the next exciting journey. My dad is like that and he seems more at peace gthan when he was younger and more ambitious for his business.

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