Alzheimer’s and life with Teens

I  said to Curt while getting out of the car in the 90 degree heat at a lacrosse tourney, “Well honey you win the award for being the most active guy with Alzheimer’s!”  He got up 2 days in a row at 6am, I got him dressed and we headed out the door for an early 8am game in the heat.  He hung out in the heat watching two games on Sat., used the nasty outhouses, (which provided a nice challenge for me since he needs a bit of help these days…… and then I was so paranoid he would somehow lock himself in the outhouse, oh can you imagine the horror of being locked in one of those!.) And he reeled in the commotion of the two games close together.  He would get so confused as to what was going on, but would continue to go along with whatever I told him.  Sunday,  Madi had an 8am game and then not again until 3pm.  We had time to kill between games, including a long chilling out time at IHOP!  And then some shopping, which we know how much Curt loves! And then a short 1/2 hour nap in the hot van for him and then back to the last game. More time in the heat and then the 5 hour drive home.

Madi lax

Really, it’s a lot for a guy in the late moderate stages of Alzheimer’s to deal with.  But He is a trooper, he sits patiently in the heat, and really doesn’t complain.

morning walk on the beach

People often ask me how he does with these kind of things…..overall he does well.  He would keep getting confused with when Madi is playing and how long the game lasts etc.  But he would hang tough and sit out in the sun drinking lots of water and seemed pretty content.

C pool

He also LOVED our family vacation!  He wanted to be part of everything.  Really once again he was a trooper!! Got up early, stayed up late, enjoyed chatting with my extended family.  We rented a beach house with my family, it was a ton of fun.  Curt had always enjoyed the ocean.  He and the kids would be out there for hours……… when he wanted to go out in ocean we were all nervous!

Curt in ocean

But he was pretty insistent about wanting to go in.  So Tyler was the first to get him out there, and we all quickly joined him out there.  Due to the spatial issues, he had trouble judging when the wave would break, and at one point Tyler literally picked him up to carry him out so the wave would not break on him.  So,Tyler, Madi and I, and my two surfer, boogie board riding brothers, kept a careful watch over Curt while he was in the ocean.  But as it is in the ocean, inevitably the “big wave” came, and despite our efforts, we all got toppled.  We all quickly pop out of the what feels like the wash cycle of the washing machine, all looking for Curt.  For that brief second no one sees him, and then suddenly his head pops up and he loudly proclaims, “That was AWESOME!!” And that expression seemed to capture our entire vacation for Curt.  He really enjoyed the long conversation with family, the pool, the beach and just some time away.

curt beach

hanging on the front porch

But the lazy days of summer are beginning to wane as we take Tyler to college to start his freshman year TOMORROW!  And I have some back to school commitments coming up as well as looking for people to stay with Curt in the fall.  Honestly I am not looking forward to the busy, crazy, stressful life again.  I  find myself getting a little battle weary…..maybe I am just getting older, maybe it’s that fun woman hormone craziness, maybe it’s Tyler leaving……….it’s probably all of it combined.


But I have also come to understand Matthew 11:28 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Jesus gives the invitation to Come, but it is us who must get up and GO!!  We must Go the Lord, and give him these burdens.  Trying to carry them on our own just doesn’t seem to work real well! 🙂  So I am working more on Going to the Lord with the burdens of the day, I often try to carry them on my own. Working on that more for this Fall….Going to the Lord and LEAVING those burdens of the day there.


Thanks again for your ongoing LOVE and prayers for our family!!

Morris fam


  1. Sandy, Thank you and bless you for sharing your journey with others. Relying on the Lord for strength is the only way to travel this road. May God bless you.and and all the family. Know that I am here if you need assistance.

  2. Hey Sam I am glad you all had a nice vacation at the beach! I will be praying for you as school starts up and you get Tyler off to school. Love you, Ann

  3. Curt’s reaction to being toppled just made me smile. I’m so glad for him and for you all that he had such a good time on holidays. I remember dropping my first off for bible school. As if the emotional trauma of that wasn’t enough I also had PMS. Yikes. But it’s such an exciting time also. He will grow so much!

    Your strength and faith are a real testimony to God’s grace to those who will call on Him, Sandy. Bless you this fall as the school year starts up.

  4. oh Sandy your positive outlook and faith in Christ is just beautiful. You and your family are a walking testimony for sure!! I am SOOO happy you had an awesome vacation on the ocean….everyone looks so happy. I totally get what you are saying about the crazy, hectic days coming up…..and yes…dropping off our first born (or any born for that matter!!) at college does play into our emotions!!! Courtney heads back on Saturday and I dread it yet know she is where the Lord wants her. I am confident that is how it is with Tyler too!! We have 2 friends with children at Liberty and 2 more friends whose sons will be there in the fall of 2014. Much luck to Tyler and God bless you as you begin the new year.

  5. Hello Sandy, Your writings tug at my heart and my prayers are for your family! I hope I am not being pushy but I thought I would give you a web site that might help with your concerns about someone to be with Curt. This is a local company, just started by a wife of a local Doctor. The nurse manager is a friend and a co worker of mine and highly recommended: The Home Care is ComForcare Home Care and the web site is . Again, I hope I am overstepping but as I read your concerns this came to my mind. I truly pray that God’s mercy, goodness, love and care will be the strength of your family. God bless you for your unending devotion to your family. Judith Scalyer

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