Alzheimer’s and Thanksgiving

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog…….life got a little busier than I anticipated.  Honestly, I really thought once Tyler left for college things would get a bit easier.  Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I am quickly finding out it’s not reality. I am realizing it’s harder for me to leave home, I always had Tyler OR Madi who could stay with Curt and it made it pretty easy to leave. Now with just Madi,  and with Curt’s skills diminishing I am reluctant to leave him as much.  I miss having another driver around the house, I am back driving Madi everywhere and have no one to run a few errands for me. There are several other factors lending itself to my continual feeling of being overwhelmed….but yes, not something I want to talk about on a public blog.

But I have digressed……..the title of this post is Alzheimer’s and THANKSGIVING.  And despite all that Curt continues to loose in terms of skills and a digression in activities of daily living, I have found that three things still remain.

C at Liberty baseball

Curt continues to have a passion and a love for the things of Christ.  Christian/Worship music continues to bring tears to his eyes every time he hears it.  We can be driving somewhere and I will be playing a song (Like Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Rise” Jeremy Camp “Overcome” or “Where I Belong” Building 429) and I look back and the man has tears streaming down his cheeks every time.  He loves going to church on Sunday and enjoys having the bible being read to him.  The word of God still speaks with an undying force to his heart and soul.

football game

A love of Music is another thing that still remains.  As most of you know Curt was an awesome and talented drummer, he really can no longer play drums.  However, his passion for music pops up everywhere!  It is the funniest thing, we can be at a store shopping and there will be music playing in the background and he will start humming along and asking me if I know what song it is?  I think to myself every time….. do I know what song it is?????  What song are you even talking about Curt I can barely even hear it!  But he hears it every time and is banging out the beat on his legs and humming along.  He is so tuned into music. He can be watching a football game and gasp, sometimes is enjoying the music in the background more than the game!  We were watching an old Journey DVD the other night and he was banging out the beat on his legs NON STOP!!  Yes music is still alive and well his Curt’s mind!

C at Liberty game

An enduring sense of humor!  Every morning when I get him up and ready before I leave for school, I say, “time to get up…rise and shine!”   He the proceeds to give me this devilish laugh and says “NO!” and then laughs again.  He loves to watch old movies, just the other day he was laughing to the depths of what seemed to be his inner soul during “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  He would go around the house for days afterwards, going, “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…anybody”  When humor is inserted into a sermon at church, he picks up on it right away and often leans over to me and says, “that’s hilarious!”  He loves to have a good laugh.  This current ad from K-mart had him practically rolling on the floor recently!  If you knew Curt, you would  know he always had a playful and fun sense of humor, it’s nice to see a part of that still remains.

Liberty family pic

A passion for Jesus, and a passion for music were two things Curt always felt so strong about…..As this horrid disease continues to steal so much of Curt, it’s endearing to see that it can’t steal his love for the Lord and his passion for music!

So on this Thanksgiving weekend, we are thankful for the glimpses we continue to see of the old Curt.  Yes some things are lasting, despite a horrible disease that can take so much…..3 things remain!  And today we celebrate those things!

*Update, I had written this post a few days ago, but didn’t get it finished until today.  In the mean time….Madi passed her driver’s test yesterday!!  Woooohooo….celebrating that milestone with her.  Yes this mom can still teach her teens to parallel park! 🙂

M license


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! Curt still has his love for Jesus because in the end, that’s all we really need! And music…of course! Also brought tears to my eyes that, even though I canNOT even begin to imagine what your life is like with all of this…I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you always focus on the good things, the giving of thanks, and not the woe is me. You are loved and prayed for and one day…we WILL hug in person!

    1. Sandy my heart weeps for you and your family as you walk this journey. I know all too well what you are experiencing because we went through something similar with my dad. Know you are loved. Thanking God for glimpses of days that there remains some of the “old” Curt. Hugs and prayers for you all.

    2. Thanks friend! Really I do appreciate your comment, I had read it before but was just re-reading the comments again this morning….and your words were really encouraging! Yes a hug in person some day is a must!! 🙂

  2. there NEVER was a single doubt in MY mind who the best person was to say an end of school breakfast prayer…he was the most Christian man i have ever met…thanks Curt….don’t worry about maurice…he can handle those who do not nor will ever understand….you and i knew what we were doing..thanks fellow Eagles fan!!!
    (where do you practive parallel trying to help Marychelly-ann now!)

  3. Congratulations to Madi! This post was beautiful, Sandy, in the sense that it is a beautiful thing to have you share the things that you see still in Curt. How wonderful it must feel when those things rise up out of all that is buried. Your description of his evident love for God was so touching!

  4. Always love reading your updates as our roads parallel in so many ways. The love for Christ is the same thing with my sister.

    So glad Madi has her license now! Exciting for her and a big help to you.

    Love you!

  5. God bless you all Sandy. You are such a devoted and positive human being. Your love and patience for your children and Curt and your faith in the Lord and Church’s teachings are undeniable and these are the things that will sustain you through this unfortunate time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  6. Sandy- I always knew you were an amazing woman but this has drawn out even more amazing -ness(like that word) You ability to find the positives is to be counted a blessing. I so respect your strength in doing what you do. I wish I could take the burdens from you but that is left for God. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. Thank you, Sandy, for sharing about Curt’slove of music, Jesus and humor. I have a wonderful Christian song I would love to send you if I only knew how – “Alive” by Natalie Grant. I listen to it every night when I tuck myself in and plug in my iPod – drowns out dh’s snoring, too.
    And,, thank you also for your lpositive attitude – not always easy to find when living with this horrid disease.

  8. glad to hear his love for the Lord was not taken away. My husband refused to go to church about 4 years ago because he could not remember the sermon nor the people so saw no reason to go. He does like to listen to Klove. That is good for me.

  9. I have tears in my eyes from this post. I am so thankful and praising God along with you, that Curt continues to worship and enjoy music and the Savior……and yay for a sense of humor still being intact. You continue to be in my prayers, Sandy. Your entire family. Congrats to Mady…I think i did see that on FB….that will help with the driving….I’m actually looking forward to next year when Claire will learn to drive because by the time she is a junior in HS she can drive her SELF to ballet classes!! I love how your sense of love for Curt comes through on here…..and I will also be praying that your feelings of being overwhelmed will ease up. It is easy to feel that way……I have felt that way in the past although not for the same reasons. I have to force my self to PAUSE, be STILL and allow God’s presence to fill my mind. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. Your sister in Christ, Faith

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