I did it!

Welcome to my blog!! I did it, I created a blog!  I am such a novice in the blogging world so please bear with me.  I’m just excited that  I  figured out how to get a few of our pictures on the right side. I will post more pictures eventually.  This is the start of something fun!

Check back for:

  • Family updates
  • Fun family devotion ideas
  • Family fun ideas ( I always believe having fun together as a family draws you closer together.)Here is a quick fun idea, serve a backwards dinner, serve dessert first, wear clothes backwards and have fun! The kids LOVE it!
  • Great movies suggestions to watch as a family
  • Teachings from different places I have spoken over the years.
  • And who knows what else.

Got to go…taking dear daughter to a birthday party.


  1. Hi Sandy! This is so cool! Will you teach me how to make a blog? I feel like I make blogs all the time at home, but I thought that just meant a mess! 🙂 I am so proud of you and I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you through this very uplifting, encouraging site. Thanks for taking the time to minister to our hearts through “Jesus and Dark Chocolate”. And, yes, I get it, and I love chocolate too — who doesn’t? Love you — lw

  2. I’m proud of you and your blog! May the Lord bless you with your new techno-ministry tool!

    P.S. – Since I just re-supplied you with a large amount of dark chocolate, will you show me how to set up my own blog?

    Your honey!

  3. Great job! Even though I’m the computer geek here at our house, I haven’t ventured into the world of blogs.
    Nice pics.
    Stay warm and dry till this April ‘Noreaster’ blows over!

  4. Welcome to BlogLand!! This is really a fun “hobby”! I started about 8 months ago and love it. There are many great Christian women out there that are such an encouragement and are funny too. Thank you for visiting my site! I love your design and the title – I love Jesus and Dark Chocolate too. I was so happy to hear that dark chocolate is good for you (in moderation of course. LOL)

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Cool blog! I can tell that you love life and the Lord… heh.. and chocolate. Me, too. In Japan, “Green Tea” is a staple flavor, just like vanilla, chocolate, etc. Green Tea ice cream dipped in dark chocolate is sooo good…
    Looking forward to reading more!

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