Let’s try posting a pic……

It didn’t work, it was way too big. I will have to work on that. I was going to post that goofy one of the T-man that you can see in my “family photo’s” sidebar. Miss M. took the pic, the 2 of them were being very silly back in the fort they built in the woods. I told M. to take some pics of the fort and she returned with some of the goofiest pics of T I have ever seen….and a few of the fort.
BTW…….Good Morning Dad!

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  1. FYI…..

    I had trouble with Blogger accepting some of my pictures so I went to Photobucket. You create a FREE account and are alotted so many MB each month. I have over 200 pictures and I haven’t even used up over 10% yet. So it holds alot. You upload the pictures and they give you a “code” to copy into your blog. Or you can have fun and create slideshows to post. I have Blogger so I don’t know if there are any gliches with WordPress or not when using Photobucket. But I love Photobucket. It has greatly helped this picture-addicted girl! Since you are new I just wanted to share in case it could be helpful for you :-). You may already know this and I could be boring you with useless info …LOL


    In Him~

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