Rainy day ideas for SAHM!

It’s a rainy,windy day in the east…..Here are a few suggestions for family fun, indoors today for all of you SAHM

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes….go to your local grocery store and ask if they have any empty boxes, all sizes work. Check to make sure there are no staples, and let the kids create. They can climb in them, make a fort, decorate them, draw on them, cut window out of them etc.

Obstacle course in the house….keep those little ones moving on a rainy day. Use couch pillows, chairs they can crawl under, putting a masking tape square on your kitchen floor and tell them to jump ten times in the square, or hop on one foot in the square etc, walk with a book on their head, drink a cup of water at the end. Etc…you get the idea.

Build a fort under your kitchen table and serve a snack there.…..Put a big sheet or blanket over the table, bring some pillows and books and instant fort

Make a volcano! – Use clay to build a volcano, then ( here is the fun part) fill the hole with baking soda, then pour in a bit of vinegar and watch what happens!

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  1. These are great ideas! My boys love it when I use blankets to make a tent with their bunk beds. I may have to do the boxes thing that you suggested. I think mine would love that. By the way you have beautiful children and Nina is a gorgeous dog.

    Have a blessed day!

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