10 Things Cool Moms Know

10 – To put a little food coloring in your kids milk, and tell them that glass of milk must have come from a green cow, and daddy’s glass of red milk must have come from the red cow.

9 – That it is so cool to observe a spider web up close. To see it clearer simply blow a little baby powder gently onto a web, it makes all the parts of the web stand out more. Then as you are checking the web out together, quietly whisper in their ear this cool fact, “did you know that spiders have pale blue blood?’

8 – That peanut butter really works to get gum out of kids hair

7 – That when you mix baking soda and vinegar together you get a really cool “explosion.”

6 – That the wind is blowing about 15 mph if a flag is “flapping in the wind.”

5 – That if you count the number of seconds from when you see lighting to when you hear the thunder and divide that number by 5, that is how far the storm is away. If you count to 20, then divide by 5, the storm is 4 miles away

4 – How to climb trees with their kids

3 – How to write with invisible ink. Use lemon juice, when it dries completely hold the paper you have written on over a light bulb, a toaster or even wave a hair dryer over it and the lemon juice will turn brown and reveal your secret message .

2 – That stressed spelled backwards is desserts, so when things get stressful go enjoy some dessert together

1 -When to give a hug, show love, and that spending time together with your kids builds a family’s love and commitment to each other.

Thank you God for our kids!

Have fun all of you cool moms out there!

I thought these up tonight as I was putting T- man to bed. So they tend to be more boy oriented things. BTW, for all those grandparents reading my blog to keep up with the fam……T man had his first baseball scrimmage tonight. We froze watching him, I literally had 3 blankets on, plus a winter coat and 2 sweatshirts. They lost, but he looked good, it should be a good season. Waiting for the warmer temperatures to arrive……


  1. Congrats on starting your blog! I am still a novice, but enjoy getting to know other ladies~especially those that share my faith! I love you list and couldn’t agree more with #10! Family time ROCKS! It won’t be long until my kid start moving out so I want to spend every minute I can with them.

    As far as the drum comment you left~I have absolutely no musically ability whatsoever! Plus I have arthritis so my mobility is quite limited! Maybe God will let me be the drummer when I get to Heaven!!!

    Okay, I’ve rambled on enough. Have a great weekend! And it was nice to “meet” you.

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