Soccer tryouts, baseball games, ortho appointments, closing program at church……..oh my!

So much going on this week. Spring is here, the trees are blooming and of course so are the weeds! Why did God invent weeds in the first place? They can suck the beauty out of the lovely flowers that bloom all over our woods. Despite the chickweeds effort to take over the woods, M and I still were able to pick a ton of flowers this weekend, they look lovely displayed through out the house.

Well this Friday should be interesting, all of us have to be someplace different at the same time. C has praise celebration rehersal, T has a baseball game, M has a soccer clinic and I was supposed to have a girls night out at a local church….not sure if that will happen now.

T had a game last night, he pitched, his team won, and he had 8-9 strike outs. It was a good game for him. M tried out for a advanced play soccer team on Tues. She had a great try out, I was proud of her, she didn’t get all nervous and worked up, she just went out there and did her best. Of course the fact that I have been praying for her to have peace and a sense of confidence I am certain had something to do with it. We also had the closing program for Wed. night ministries last night. We had a meal, I shared a bit about the wonderful group of girls I had this year, we also watched a power point presentation of all the fun.  T came over after his game, he called me and asked if it was still going on….of course he inquired, “is there any food left”, when I replied “yes there is.” He said, “I’ll be right there.” You know what motivates him!
This Saturday night we plan to chill out and watch a good movie. Any suggestions?? 🙂

Thought for the day – Life gets busy, but it is so important to find those quiet moments each day, and Be Still and know that HE is God.  May you all find a still moment in your busy days! 


  1. Good Morning! By any chance is your Wed. night group Awana or T & T? I am the director of the 3rd and 4th grade girls or Chums as we call them. Our closing program is next week and I so don’t want it to end! I love these little girls so much. Most of ours are unchurched kids and they have learned SO much this year for which I am thankful! I was just wondering if we had the same program.

    In Him, Amy

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