Ants in the Dishwasher

The ants come marching 2 by 2 hoorah…hoorah. WHY does that song say HOORAH when the ants come marching in?? How about, “The ants coming marching 2 by 2, so kill them now, kill them now! They cover the counter, they flock to my dishwasher, kill them now, kill them now!”

Then after they are dead you can sing Hoorah.

Yes we have ants invading our house, it happens every spring, and it always annoys me. The climax of this evil invasion was when to my horror I innocently went to load the dishwasher and there having the time of their lives, were at least 10 happy ants crawling inside my dishwasher! I did the logical thing anyone would then do, I got out my dish detergent, filled the cup, closed the dishwasher, pressed the on button…..and prayed that ALL of those little buggers would drown to death. Much to my joy, I opened the dishwasher to find the ants gone, and clean dishes. I felt as thou I had conquered my ant problem through intentional drowning. Only to be mortified the next morning to find that ants can be resurrected!

So I may have won the battle, but the war continues. Hubby is out at Home Depot at this moment looking for products to eradicate ants from the planet…….ok at least from our house.

Makes me wonder…..

Why did God create?

ants, chickweed, pricker bushes and flies?


  1. HI! I just popped in from The Laundry Alternative, especially to thank you for your comment yesterday. I’m so glad you found me and were blessed. That’s an answer to prayer. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the resources and that I’ll see you around again.

    I love your blog, especially your determination to put Jesus first. I completely relate and was inspired as I read your reasoning for this blog!


  2. Well, ants are pretty fun to stomp on after you’ve watched them work so diligently building their homes! But, yeah, why flies? They’re not even fun to kill.

    Sorry, I do have a strange sense of humor at times.

    I’ll close with something thankful….I am thankful that we don’t get ants, but rather ladybugs…by the thousands!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Oh, we get ants every spring too and I hate them!!! The only ants I’ve ever enjoyed watching are the ants we had in an Ant Farm once LOL! Other than that, I stomp on them every chance I get!!!

  4. I know our ants our coming. It happens every year. I refuse to call a professional, first they wanted $200, and second the chemicals scare me. So I just pour hot water on the ones outside and spray the inside ones with Clorox Cleanup.

    I found you on the Mom Blogs…and now I see your at Moms of Grace too. I’ll give you some stars at Mom Blogs and I’ll be back to visit!


  5. I hopped over from “Our Peculiar Life” and found this post – and HAD to laugh. We tend to have the same problem. I have yet to figure out HOW they get in the dishwasher…but adding soap and turning the machine on gives me a great deal of pleasure.


  6. Hello! Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know about another Christian Public School Teacher (although I am home with the boys right now) – and in PA no less! Classic Mama is great. I was going to leave a comment on your last post but when I saw this one…

    ANTS! Ugh. We have had a terrible time with them the last two years but they don’t seem to hit us hard until July. Last year they were relentless – in my dishwasher, along the countertops, around the window and sink, etc. GROSS! I fought them long and hard and finally paid a professional. Apparently we had about 4 different colonies and it took them over a month to get rid of them. This year? I’ve asked hubby to put a clear seal around our window in the kitchen and any other crevice he finds. Ultimately we’ll wait and see.

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