Fellow FBS sufferers unite!!

“Mom is my baseball uniform clean for my game?” ” Oh shoot I forgot it’s still in the washing machine, do you mind wearing it a little wet?”

“Honey did you buy more OJ, remember I told you last night we were out?” “Oh shoot I forgot and I was just at the grocery store picking up something else!!”

” Mom did you get food for my guinea pig, remember I told you last week he needed more, I try to tell you a week ahead of time since I know you tend to forget” (Got to love my dear daughter)

Ok you get the picture, despite my efforts to stay on top of the one million things going on in my house, I at times struggle with this. I tried to come up with a medical reason for this, and after searching for some kind of medical explanation, and finding nothing, I decided to come up with my own. I have Chronic Foggy Brain Syndrome! And I can tell you this (Warning- Men may want to stop reading at this point) my FBS is worse during PMS!

But as the bible reminds me “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and even during times of FBS with PMS I am still fearfully and wonderfully made. So I have learned to laugh at myself a little, pray a lot, and “rejoice in the Lord always,” even during FBS & PMS!!!


  1. Thanks so much for the syndrome name because I’ve been wondering what to call it. Yes, I too am a FBS sufferer and fortunately my family accepts this fact.

  2. I am definitely a fellow FBS sufferer, as well! My poor husband is so patient with me… Much more so than I am with myself, I’m afraid! What to do????

  3. I have selective FBS. For some reason I can remember stupid stuff, like buying crikets to feed the lizard (that beats guinea pig food!) but I forget to make dentist and doctors appointments. We are so behind in appointments. Oh, and of course, laundry related, I always forget to pull my t-shirts out to air dry. Thats why I have to buy new ones each year…that or look like Britney in my too tight tops! Kathy

  4. Foggy Brain is a real thing. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, I tend to get it quite often. Read on: ‘Brain fog’
    Where stage four (delta) sleep is artificially disturbed in volunteers a host of symptoms appear, including cognitive, memory and concentration difficulties.
    Nothing to be ashamed of! It is real! 😉 Tired mommy = CFBS. 🙂

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