This is a really stinky post!!

I was riding my bike on my usual 9.5 mile hilly trek through the beautiful countryside this morning when a tanker truck went whizzing by me. I only travel on one main road, the rest of the ride is on back roads in farm country, so this tanker truck caught me off guard a bit. I hate when these big trucks get too close to me! But I continued pressing on in my ride, finally I turned off the main road onto a nice, safe backroad. As I glanced ahead at the upcoming rolling, farmland I saw something moving out in a field to my left. I instantly recognized the moving object as the tanker truck that passed me. As I pondered to myself…. what on earth is a tanker truck doing driving in the middle of some farmer’s field? At that point I was instantaneously overwhelmed by the most putrid smell. Since I am out there riding my bike to stay in shape, I was breathing hard and breathing in the sickening smell at a fast rate! As I am gagging, I notice coming out of the back of this new, shiny, silver truck a thick, brown, liquid. It was then I saw written on the side of the truck these words, “liquid fertilizer.” Ewwwwww, Ahhhhhh, gross!

So now I know what the smell is. Please can someone tell me why a farmer wants to spread liquid manure on his crops.  I admit I am a bit of a city girl, but this makes NO sense to me!

This gives new meaning to the term “farm fresh produce!”

Can you imagine the guy who does this for a living….Is it some guy with a big family? Does he have a family rule like, kids don’t flush the toilet, daddy will be right there with my shovel! Do they invite friends over for dinner and feed them a high fiber dinner in hopes of earning “some healthy profits” in their toilet?????

Where exactly does this liquid fertilizer come from anyway? That is a good question to ponder as your are enjoying your farm fresh, just picked corn on the cob this summer……Mmmmm was this corn at one time covered with liquid POOP!???

Well the “liquid poop dispenser” seemed to cover several of the fields on my ride this morning, it was one of my more STINKY rides!

Ok, Ok, I know I am getting carried away here, but I can assure you if you smelled what I smelled this morning you too would be looking for some way to humor yourself. 🙂
Fresh, country air seems to have lost some of it’s hype for me!
Have a good day everyone! 🙂


  1. That is just nasty! I gag so easily, I probably would have up chucked. This makes me want to put all my fruits and veggies through the dishwasher before we eat them…LOL!

    BTW, I never told you how beautiful your kids are! So cute!

  2. Or you could look at the positive side of this and appreciate the farmer keeping his production costs lower by recycling the manure, which is very rich in Nitrogen, instead of buying fertilizer produced in one of those messy chemical factories, and having it delivered in pollution generating diesel trucks.

    It’s your choice.

  3. Well, from one City Girl to another – it almost makes you wish for the traffic and congestion of the beltway… almost. I have come to appreciate the smell (not like it). I know that spring is here and everything will soon be green again. The smell is worth the trade. Have a great day!! (try to stay away from the poop trucks :))

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