Happy Mother’s Day Mom! – Now I get it!


When I was younger and MY mom would sit down in a chair and let out a sigh, and say, “oh this feels nice”…..I didn’t get it………. but NOW I do!

When I was younger and MY mom would then fall asleep for a short nap in that same chair….I didn’t get it………. but NOW I do!

When my mom hung up her college degree, framed in a nice frame, in the laundry room and proclaimed, something to the effect of, ” Four years of college and this is where I use my degree!” I didn’t get it…..but NOW I do!

When my mom would cook us a nice dinner, and us kids would all want to eat quickly and get back outside to play, and mom would make us stay for another 10 minutes….I didn’t get it…..but NOW I do!

When my mom would meticulously help me with the grammar, spelling and punctuation on high school and college papers…and I would get mad at her for being so “picky.” …………… I didn’t get it……but NOW I do!

When my mom would faithfully attend all my track meets, and cheer and support me and get so excited for me when I would win………..I didn’t get it….but NOW I do!

When my mom would grow tired of our incessant goofiness, our arguing with each other, and our loud music………….I didn’t get it…………….but NOW I do.

When my mom would complain that she couldn’t even see the red carpet in my brother’s room, because it was always covered with dirty clothes……I didn’t get it……………but NOW I do!

When my mom would leave notes in my room letting me know she loved me……I didn’t get it…..but NOW I do.

So here is YOUR note mom! Technology has changed, and I can leave you a note on my blog, not a nice, handwritten one on your nightstand. But the message remains constant.

I love you MOM, and I am so glad “I get it now!” It makes me appreciate you even more! 🙂

And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you other moms who now “get it.”

Proverbs 31:29 Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all!


  1. Amen sister girlfriend! I totally get this too! Praising God for special moms like ours and wishing another special mom a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I get it!!! I get it!!!

    My mother laughed at me one day and said “Do you ever catch yourself thinking you sound like your mother?”

    I said “Only when I tell the kids that “if we’re going to fight – I’m going to win.” *L*

  3. What a nice thing to write!! I may have even said, “You will not understand until you have your own kids.” Thanx for letting me know that “now you get it.” And now, I wish I could tell MY mom that I understand her “old age quirks.” She used to say , “Life is a well-worn path,” and she was SO right! Keep up the good work, Sammie Sue. I love you! Hang in there: School is almost out for the summer!! GBY!

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