And then it hits you……..

sleep…..I need sleep! I woke up at 12:25am this morning to the sounds of sirens in a very close proximity to our house. It was a nice night out in our neck of the woods and we had our windows open, so I could hear everything outside quite clearly. Very soon after the sirens stopped I heard, yelling, screaming, and some man loudly yelling, “Help… me,” and then screaming in pain.

Quickly realizing that this was not a good situation in the middle of the night, I promptly woke my weary hubby, and immediately closed the kid’s windows so they would not be subjected to this senseless act. We both listened out the window as to what was going on. I did call 911, and they informed me that there was a “major police incident” in my neighborhood…..this was not very reassuring! We heard the screaming for about 5-8 minutes, then relative silence, except for police radios.

About 45 minutes later when we thought things were calming down, we heard the loud, booming voice of a cop who is head of a local canine unit, basically saying, if anyone is in the house please get out now, we will be sending our dogs in, and they will attack you! ( More comforting words in the middle of the night!!).

Finally just as I was starting to think about going back to sleep…….we see flashlights behind our house( our house backs up to a woods with a creek), I hear the sounds of a dog running in the creek, and the voices of several police officers. They were obviously searching for someone. They then came upon dear son’s mega cool fort in the woods. I heard them dismantle the fort to look inside, and then heard the officer yell, “all clear.”

Well needless to say, I had serious problems going back to sleep! I really never got back to sleep, you know how it is, every stinking noise you hear you think it’s this guy they were looking for.

We finally found out this morning ( when I awoke to find news crews outside on my street) that 2 homes were broken into. In the one house, the guy jumped out of a 2nd floor window to elude police, then ran next door, and proceeded to break into that house by breaking through a glass door. The guy was then caught, and injured pretty badly due to jumping out of a window on the 2nd floor, and he was cut up from all the glass of the door he broke through.

And folks we live in a nice neighborhood, in a beautiful, small town, family friendly, conservative community.

Thought for the day…..Make sure you lock your doors at night and turn on outside lights. Many people in our community still do not lock their doors!

And then it hits you………..I need sleep, my weary head is drooping and we just ordered pizza for dinner! Good night to all.


  1. Praise God you all are okay! How scary. I can’t convince my mom to lock her doors during the day when she is not home. She trusts everybody. I will pray for those families that were burglarized.

    This is totally random, but have you recieved more traffic lately to your blog? One of my friend’s is having a scavenger hunt and she asked us to recommend blogs and she would post it so I commented about you. I hope that was okay!

  2. Oh my! I don’t think I could have fallen back asleep either. I remember when I was younger how as things happened around us (various crimes) we always made sure the car doors were locked – even if it made it into the garage. Also the screen door AND the regular door would both be locked. Moving from NY to PA hasn’t changed much although I don’t lock the screen door all the time. Might need to rethink that! 🙂

  3. And here, I thought I was having a bad day with nasty virus and non-sleeping children.
    I wouldn’t have gone back to sleep either. I’d have paced through the house praying. and muttering .. but mostly praying. That’s just the wrong kind of adrenaline rush. Did I spelll that right?

    Glad you found out what was up…and that the guy is gone. I hope your son got his super-cool fort back together.

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