2 simple words with the power to change lives!

Sometimes I wonder if the concept of saying “Thank You” is fading into oblivion in our society.
I was reading in my bible the other night about the 10 men healed of leprosy (Luke 17:11-19). Remember the story…..10 guys have leprosy, they live on the edge of town, they probably have a pretty miserable life, and suddenly Jesus passes by them. They call out to him, from a distance, He tells them to go show themselves to the priests and as they go they are healed. So Jesus heals these 10 men of this evil, degrading and painful affliction. Now you would think they would have been so appreciative and THANKFUL. You would also think that all of them would seek after Jesus to thank him. But as the story goes, only ONE comes back to say Thank You!

Only ONE, Only ONE…just ONE man……do you think you would have been that ONE who came back and threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him? Or would you have been like the other 9, already moving on with their lives, out socializing with friends and family and forgetting that Jesus just totally healed and transformed their lives.

I would like to think I would be that ONE who came back…..but the reality of life, the busyness, and my penchant to move on to the next thing so quickly, makes me wonder if I would have returned to thank Him.

Those 2 simple words”thank you,” can make such a difference in the lives of our children, husbands, friends, and family members, but do we use them on a daily basis? I want to challenge everyone to say, “thank you” to 3 different people this week for something they did or have done. Go out of your way, say it to someone who may not usually be thanked, or simply say it to your hubby for just being himself, or to a friend at church who works in the nursery or teaches Sunday School to your children, or leave a comment on someone’s blog thanking them for the way it encouraged or ministered to you. If you thank 3 people this week, leave a comment on my blog, take the “Thank You challenge! “  🙂

So………get out there and thank someone, but in the process do not forget to “go back” and throw yourself at Jesus’ feet and thank Him for all he has done for you!! 🙂
So in case I forgot, or was too busy, or had other priorites…….

Here is to my dear husband who I never seem to thank enough…….

Thank you honey for helping me out so much when I get migraines.

Thank you for always putting gas in the car.

Thank you for picking out great movies for the family to watch together.

Thank you for your warped sense of humor.


  1. Great challenge! I do try to make this a priority and will continue to do so.

    On another note, yes, we get WJTL and I am a listerner…in the car anyway. The radios in the house don’t get a clear signal and when I have tried on the computer it is choppy.

  2. How do I say this without sounding all high and mighty, but I know I would say thank you! No doubt about it. Saying thank you is SO important to me because I have four members of my family right now that take awesome care of me and do things that are not pleasant. They do it with such care and concern and never complain. When I say thank you for even the smallest of gestures my kids always say, “Not a problem mom and you don’t have to always say thanks.” I say, “I say thank you because by helping me you show me how much you love me and I cannot thank you enough.” I am truly grateful for my dear children that will say no to hanging without a friend so they can be home with me if dad is working. There are many times I have to insist that they go and have fun! I have plenty to be thankful for! Do you care if I mention this in a post and send a few people over here? I don’t have a huge following, but this is too good not to mention! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. This is a little ironic – as I came here to say thanks for stopping by my blog… It is very cool that you are in SC PA as well… we are near Chambersburg… I also see you have a lab – we just got a yellow puppy!

    I’ll be seeing you around “neighbor”!!


  4. I love this post. Thank you…such important words…thankfulness and the mindfulness of being thankful are essential to a Christian life.

    I work hard on saying thank you often, and I hope it always comes across as sincere. “Thank you” for the post and challenge.

    And “thank you” for the photography compliment you made at my blog today. 🙂

  5. I love the challenge. I am a thanker, but I think we forget the obvious people to thank, like our spouses and parents and friends. And those people that do things that don’t get recognized. A couple of years ago I was at a convention center for a weekend long cheer competition with my daughter. All weekend the restrooms, with thousands of pre-teen and teenage girls and moms using them, were spotless. I was so impressed I thanked one of the custodians when I went to the restroom. She was shocked and I could tell it meant a lot to her.

    I’m off to find some more people to thank!

  6. Thank you for being a great daughter! I am sooooooooo
    proud of you! I so appreciated your help when I was hospitalized last summer. Let’s pray for a better summer this year. I’ll see you very soon! (Over the weekend).
    Love you,

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