1. Very nice one.

    Your link on the Wordlesswednesday.com site is broken. Apparently you type it in as http://samismom 22.wordpress.com, with space between “samismom” and “22.”

    Just a heads up.

  2. Welcome to WW!!! What a face!!! And how lucky that the camera was therer when it all happened!!! Thanks for sharing WW!

    Come over and share my sunset!!!

  3. Great photo! Hope you enjoy joining in with Wordless Wednesday – it’s fun choosing a picture each week 🙂

  4. That is a fantastic shot! Boys, they’re so much fun, and does he know you posted that? Probably, those are the faces boys take pride in. 🙂

    Welcome to WW. Hope to see every week.

  5. The funny thing about the picture is, he had just got out of a pool and was fooling around and shaking his head like a dog does when they are wet. I put my camera on continous shots and this picture was in the mix. He wasn’t making a funny face, just shaking the water from his hair….regardless it’s funny!! 🙂

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