Only 6 more days left…….

Until school is out! Trust me folks teachers get just as excited as the kids do for summer! This time of year, most students have their minds on swimming pools, sleeping in, going to the beach, looking for the ice cream man, playing endlessly, and catching lighting bugs. Learning the difference between a prefix and a suffix, or an antonym and synonym, explaining the main idea of a passage, showing how to reduce a fraction, measure to an 1/8 of an inch and telling the difference between a scalene and isosceles triangle are not priorities… me on this one. 🙂
Here is to June 11th, our last day of school!!!!

Happy Summer Everyone!

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Obviously I am looking forward to not working, but also reading several good books, eating lots of ice cream, camping, going to the beach, going out in our canoe at a nearby lake, taking walks at night with the kids and the dog, grilling burgers, chicken and even good ole hot dogs and eating on our deck, eating lots of watermelon and spitting the seeds off the deck, picking strawberries and making jam, playing monopoly together, watching lots of movies together, and did I mention eating lots of ice cream. 🙂


  1. Wow, you guys get out of school late! When do you have to go back? My poor son has to be back in school August 14th. That’s just way too early, don’t ya think?

    I am looking forward to going to the movies with the kids, hip surgery, and if I feel like it going to the state fair! And yes, lots of ice cream eating~even for our bulldog who loves to go get her own cone!

  2. I am looking forward to visiting grandchildren, going to the pool, and helping to plan our son’s wedding,(Sam’s brother, Brian). Thanx Madi for the lovely clay heart you made. Thanx, Curt and Sam for the great dinner out on your deck on a beautiful day! Thanx, Tyler for the instructions on the ipod. We had a good time!
    Love to all, MOM

  3. ummm…if you can believe it my kids don’t get out until June 15…so I have two weeks still to prepare.

    I’m looking forward to ignoring the alarm clock, reading, the pool, teaching my oldest daughter how to cook, lots of time on the deck, time with family and a generally more relaxed pace. Also, my husband and I may be sneaking away for a four night trip. All three of my older kids head to camp for two weeks. We think we have someone to watch Merritt…and out! We need a little one on one.


  4. We are looking forward to the end of public school – but we will be starting our home school July 9th. We are also looking forward to getting together with family, going on vacation, the pool, watching our two newest kittens grow, SLEEPING IN (this is mine), movies, fishing, hiking and just general romping around and merry making!! 🙂

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